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Cake on Time | Online Cake Delivery

Cake on Time | Online Cake Delivery

  • 5 Reasons Why Online Cake Delivery Service in Delhi is raging!

    Delhi is one of the most popular cities of India. The reason for its popularity is its diverse population, that makes it appealing to almost everybody. A large part of this population   It boasts of a diverse population. A large part of this population enjoys an affluent lifestyle. This lifestyle includes regular meetings at fancy cafes and dinning at posh restaurants. Cakes are favorite among this lot. However, these aren’t the ones who are making cakes more popular in the city. From college to workplaces, cakes this lot, leaves no opportunities to enjoy a delicious cake and perhaps services like online cake delivery in Delhi are meant to cater to them. But the popularity of this service can’t attributed to this chunk of population alone.
    As mentioned earlier, there’s another part of this population that enjoys cakes. The youth workforce! As these young people join the workforce and step into a new phase of their life frequent celebrations become a part of their lifestyle, even though its interim. And Delhi gets over a million of this population every year. That’s another reason why online cake delivery in Delhi isgetting popular day by day.

    Other way to put this is—this service has been perfectly timed and couldn’t have come at a better time. Ofcourse, like other businesses this couldn’t have been successful without good service. Here a few things that make online cake delivery in Delhi animmensely likable service-
    Plenty of choices
    If you’re a cake lover, you would know the variety of cakes that are out there. Ecommerce websites as well as cafes that offer this service are never out of options. From the regular chocolate truffles to cheese cake to tier cakes, these cakes are available right at your door step after placing an online cake delivery order on any ecommerce website.
    Same day delivery
    Same day delivery is another offering from café and ecommerce websites that makes this service even better. You know how useful this! While we’re drowning in our work and we suddenly remember of a friend’s birthday. In those times, same day delivery offered is a boon to say the least.

    Fresh Cakes
     It’s natural to occur to the people who order cakes frequently from ecommerce websites that the cakes delivered on the same day of order might not be fresh. And it’s a perfectly genuine doubt. After all, who in the world can bake a cake in about an hour and deliver it you within those hours. What you should note here is, it’s not always the café or the ecommerce website you order it from that bakes the cake. In fact, sometimes when a particular cake is not available the websites make it available through other cafes nearest to the customer.
    So you see how these ecommerce websites and cafes are working to make the online cake delivery in Delhi a great service.
    In addition, this service helps millions of Delhiwallahs to put a smile on their faces by delivering delicious cakes. I am sure if you live in Delhi your life has been touched by this service. So what more can you ask from this service? They’re already doing their best!

  • A Delhiwallah’s Guide to choosing the perfect gift for every occasion

    Delhi is synonymous with celebrations. This city, the heart of India, is packed with celebrations all year round. During all this time, one of the major problems that Delhiwallahs encounter is finding the perfect gift for every occasion. Well it won’t be a problem anymore! This guide gives a list of gifts that you can buy for each occasion—right from festivals to familial to other celebrations.
    The gifts are mainly cake & flowers; however, this guide lists particular cakes perfect for every occasion and why they are so. Services like online cake delivery in Delhi is one of the reasons why cakes are a good option for gifts, given the hectic lifestyle of people in Delhi have. Let’s get started-
    Cakes for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is celebrated with as much vigor as other religiously festival like Diwali. A part of this reason is the large youth population of Delhi and the culture here fast catching up with western countries. So, what’re your gift options for Valentine’s Day gift?
    First, you have the classic chocolate truffle cakeladenwith the goodness of chocolate chips. If you want this cake to be even more awesome buy one with chocolate shavings.
    If you want make this more romantic, which we know you want to, send a bouquet of red roses. If you want to make it a surprise of your partner, try placing an online cake delivery in Delhi order!
    Cakes for Christmas  

    Christmas is celebrated with a lot of fervor. Obviously, this fervor doesn’t match to the celebrations in India or other western countries, but it’s no less in Delhi. Christmas is quite popular among the youth here since it offers a day free from work and to enjoy.
    So, what are your options for Christmas gifts?
    We suggest that you buy white forest cake. While you enjoy the cold breeze of the winter, you relish the sweet white forest cake, snuggled in the arms of your partner or a hot cup of coffee. While you’re in Delhi, you may not have plans for Christmas eve, but don’t worry, call up one of the ecommerce stores and a white forest cake would be delivered right at your door step with their online Cake delivery in Delhi service
    Cakes for birthdays

    This needs no introduction, we all attend birthdays all around the year. Sometimes we’re a guest while other times we can be found organizing one of our friends and family. The best option for a birthday gift is to buy the birthday person’s favorite flavor. First, it would make the person extremely happy and even if there are left overs it can be used by the birthday person. You have to be very selective about it. Since there are some many birthday cake options—butter scotch cake, cheese cake, red velvet cake and many more. So it really depends on what the person likes the most. If you’re planning a surprise for a friend, do try the online cake delivery in Delhi service offered by e-commerce stores and cafes here.

    So do you agree that we have given a list of the best gifts that you can buy for an occasion while you’re in Delhi? You see we’re a little biased when it comes cakes :)

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Cake and Flower Midnight Delivery Service

    Cake and flower combos are one of the popular gift choices. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or a simple birthday, these combos fit every occasion perfectly. Now with the availability of cake and flower midnight delivery service with most ecommerce stores and cafes, ordering these gifts got even more convenient. But there are still few things that you make this service absolutely amazing. Read on to find out what these things are-:

    Perfect for every occasion
    As it has been mentioned earlier, cake & flowers aren’t limited to Valentine’s Day any more. These combos make a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and every other celebration. In fact, if you know somebody who loves cakes more than anything, then you should gift cakes irrespective of the occasion.

    Delivered cakes and flowers are fresh & fragrant
    One might think that since cakes and flowers are delivered at midnight, the flowers might be wilted or the cake might not be fresh. This is far from the truth. Cake and flower midnight delivery service delivers fresh cake and flowers. How is that possible?
    The cafes and e-commerce stores that offer this service make cakes and flowers available from the nearest store. That’s how a customer always gets fresh cakes and flowers.

    Cake and flower combos are cheaper than cake and flowers bought separately
    The sum of individual cost of delivery is greater than the cost of cake and flowers packed together. This is one reason that makes combos cheaper than cakes and flowers bought separately. Since it’s cheaper it’s a great gift option among the youth or more specifically college students.

    Plenty of options are available
    If you’re thinking that only certain flavors are available in combos, you’re wrong. Combos can be made with almost all flavors available out there. Whether its Pine apple cheese cake, black or white forest, chocolate truffle, or red velvet cake all these cakes can be bought in a cake & flowers combo! And cake and flower midnight delivery service promises to make it available to the customers.  The same applies to flowers, most e-commerce stores have lavender, orchids, roses, lilies, etc. available for delivery.

    On time delivery
    One of the important things about cake and flower midnight delivery service is that it tries to deliver an order on or before midnight.  A simple reason behind this is, it understands how valuable it would for someone to order a cake at that hour of the night.

    So now you know how cake and flowers midnight delivery service is making buying cake & flowers effortless even at the stroke of midnight and giving customers memorable experience. Do you think it can be made better and tell us how! And if you haven’t availed this service, I am sure I have raised enough curiosity and craving for cake  for you to pick your phone and order a combo from an e-commerce store or a cafe right away!

  • Wondering what to gift this Raksha Bandhan? Try these 4 cakes!

    Buying a gift for Raksha Bandhan is always a mess, isn’t it?  If a boy buys an unlikable gift for his sister, boys have to bear their sister’s tantrums and taunts throughout the year. So how does one find the perfect gift for Rakhi save oneself from the melodrama?Cakes make a good option for every occasion as far as women are concerned. This article lists a few cakes that you might find working for you. So, shall we? Let’s dig in!

    Gift option one:Chocolates are loved by women universally.Well that was pretty easy to guess, you might think, right? But we in no way are suggesting that you buy plain chocolates. However, chocolate cakes might do wonders. Let me tell you why. First, because it’s the least expected gift a girl would imagine in an Indian household. Obviously, there are religious reason to it. But to stay away from such blasphemous act make sure that you buy an eggless cake.  To make this more surprising, you can place an online cake delivery order.

    Gift option two: The second gift that you can go for is scrumptious red velvet cake. No matter the age-- young, adult and old---women of all age groups dig red velvet cake alike. If you can’t find red velvet cake for some reason, the cupcakes would do equally wonderful. And, hands down, women can have cupcakes anytime of the day. If you’re in metropolitan city like Delhi, don’t forget to orderthis delicious cake from an ecommerce store since online cake delivery in Delhi is a popular service.

    Gift option three: White forest cake is gold when it comes to cakes. You can find these cakes in all sizes half-kg, one kg and even more. If you’re sister loves white forest cakes, there couldn’t be a better cake than this. To make her happier, add a bouquet of orchids or lilies with this cake. In fact, we suggest that if you want take the brother-sister rivalry up a notch this yearbut make her happy at the end of the day by placing a cake & flowers midnight delivery order.

    Gift option four: If you don’t know this fourth option, you surely aren’t aware of your sisters eating habits. Let’s break the suspense here, it’s the classic cheesecake.Cheese cake to women is what flowers are to bees. Quite inseparable. These cakes are available at most cafes. However, save yourself from scouring the city and order one from an ecommerce store by placing an online cake delivery.
    So, did you like the gift options? We hope you did. Now go ahead and order one of these cakes to make your sister’s Raksha Bandhan merrier. Also, do not forget to try online cake delivery service. In case you forget, remember most ecommerce stores also offer cake & flower midnight delivery.These stores also offer same day cake delivery, in case you need extra gifts on Rakhi, you know who to call.
    Read More: Buy Rakhi Online

    Happy Rakhi!

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Every Delhiwallah Loves Cakes

    Delhi, the capital city of India, boasts of one of the most extravagant lifestyle in the country. elaborate dinners and community feasts have been a big part of every Delhiwallah. In other words, every kid born and bred here is a big foodie. This city, in fact, embraces every cuisine with just so much love. Cakes, or baked goods, are no different. Delhi is populated with cafes that are teeming with people at each hour of the day. So what makes Delhiwallahs love cake so much? Let’s explore the five reasons why people of Delhi like  cakes with all their heart--

    Because cakes are sweet
    In Indian traditions sweets still play a customary role. Sweets are believed to bring good luck to when eaten before one sets out to for a venture. Indians have a liking for sweets, so it shouldn't come as a surprise when people are so fond of cakes!

    Availability of online cake delivery in Delhi
    When something is hard to get, its demand gradually goes down. The number of e-commerce websites that offer online cake delivery in Delhi is increasing that allows people to get their hands on freshly baked any minute without having to leave their seats. Well, that’s just spoiling!
    Additionally, most online cake stores also offer same day cake delivery in Delhi that makes it even more convenient for people to order cakes.

    Plenty of choices
    One might think that cakes might not be as common as they are in the western countries, so the choices would be limited. This is far from the truth. Since the choices available to Delhiwallahs is practically unlimited. Thanks to online cake store where one can get from the regular chocolate truffle cake to the special cheese cakes.
    Though cakes are a European delicacy, many Indians have mastered the art of baking and like every other trade. Baking isn’t restricted to households, but people take keen interest in taking baking as a career option and Delhiwallahs get to sample almost every baking recipe out there.

    Cakes make a good gift
    When it comes to gifts cakes make one of the best gifts. Ecommerce here again here plays an important role where one can send cakes online without having to visit a bakery. Services like online cake delivery in Delhi and same day cake delivery in Delhi make it very convenient for Delhiwallahs to order cakes. If you think these cakes are not fresh, you couldn’t be more wrong as these stores partner with the closest cafe near you to deliver the cakes so that only fresh cakes reaches you.

    Hectic lifestyle
    Hectic lifestyle of Delhi among other reasons also contributes to the fact that Delhiwallahs  love cakes so much! After a tiring day at work, nobody wants to go looking for a gift, at these times services like same day cake delivery in Delhi is a respite. And since missing out on celebratory occasions is not an option for people of Delhi these services are a boon for them.

    Now you know why Delhiwallahs love cakes so much, why not sample one and share the happiness. Go ahead and place an online cake delivery in Delhi order for your favourite one and it would reach you any minute.

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Cake & Flowers Make The Best Gift For Every Occasion

    Aren’t finding gifts a trouble? Well, It’s has been for me. The worst part is I make a mental note every time to find a good gift for my loved ones, but I always end up buying the good old pair cake & flower as a present, irrespective of the occasion. This gift is literally my saviour on almost all celebrations. Firstly, there’s so little time to scour every gift shop in Delhi to find a perfect time and I can’t send hours on online shopping looking for one-of -a kind gift. But I always try that I know what the celebrated person needs. If I can’t cakes & flower combos offer me a relief!

    Let me explain why cake & flower combos are my go-to gifts when I can’t find a perfect gift.

    Midnight delivery service is available
    Firstly, because cake and flower midnight delivery is available at most e-commerce stores. Remember When I told how I keep forgetting things, there’s so much work including domestic and office that I hardly remember any celebrations to attend. Unless I kept being told I would forget. Since most gift stores offer cake and flower midnight delivery service, I can order even an hour before the birthday celebrations begin.

    Element of surprise
    My second reason why as to why cake and flower combos are my go-to gifts is there’s an element of surprise to it, especially when you’re present during the celebration. Your loved one would like at you so expectantly all the time.

    You can never go wrong with cake and flower combos
    You would expect that your gift be the best among all the gifts. You would spend hours choosing the gift, but what if it’s not liked as much as you expect it to be or worst if  it’s discarded. You know how people are so selective about the colour, texture, and even brands. A cake and flower combo is always a safe option!
    After all,  it’s a sweet cake and fragrant flowers, who wouldn’t like them , right?

    Perfect for every occasion
    Let’s see the events we generally require a gift for--Birthdays, Anniversaries, promotions, and farewells-- cake and flowers suit each of these occasions very well.
    “Cake & flowers mark a romantic relationship” is a myth. If somebody had said affection it would still have been be believable. So don’t constrain yourself and order a cake and flower combo for a friend’ s birthday, Mother’s Day and even your male colleague's farewell.

    Available at all leading online gift stores
    Even if someone decides to buy a simple wallet to gift, he (she) has to spend almost a day to find the best one even in case online shopping hopping from one store to another. In case of cake & flowers, there are hardly any choices to make. Simply choose the type of flower and the flavour of cake that would go well with it. I will admit that comparing prices does take a little time.
    So there you have my 5 reasons as to why cakes & flower combos are my go-to gifts for every occasion. Do you find these reasons relatable?
    Want to head over gifts select from here: Online cake delivery delhi ncr
    Here’s a hi-five!

  • Top 4 Reasons why Cakes & flowers make the best gift

    Online cake flower order delhi

    Did you ever have trouble finding a perfect gift? How did you manage to find one? Chances are you ended up buying cakes and flowers. This is a classic gift and a legacy of the British that always help people out of such situations. If you can’t think of a gift, go for cakes& flowers. Moreover, same day cake delivery service offered by e-commerce stores make it the perfect option. There are many more reasons to it. So how about we find out why cakes & flowers are a great gift that can never go wrong. Let’s find out.

    Cakes & flowers are available with most cake stores -
    Cake and flower combos are available with most cafes and e-commerce stores. One of the reasons for is its popularity. This might have been an European tradition, but this is now is almost cosmopolitan culture. Trying think of a date where you never carried flowers for your date, or at least we’ve never seen two people on date without exchanging flowers irrespective of the culture—English, Spanish, Indian, etc.
    Just because it’s been portrayed between two people in a romantic relationship doesn’t mean you can do it for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Cake & flower combos make a great for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

    Same day cake delivery -
    As I told you earlier,cakes & flower combos are sold on e-commerce store and these stores have an efficient delivery service in place that promises to deliver these on the same day of the order. Isn’t it great? So, if your work has kept you tied that you even forgot to buy a gift, same day cake delivery would be a relief.

    Budget friendly -
    One of the reasons I find cake & flower combos are a great gift because they are budgeted gifts.What worries me is, even if I pick up a gift but the person didn’t like it! It would be simply a waste of money. Why not stay safe instead with a cake& flower combo. Cakes & flowers are mostly cheaper than other gift options.  Plus, with same day cake delivery service we can save so much that we might have spent looking for other gifts!

    Fresh & Fragrant -
    It’s a genuine doubt that the cakes and flower might not be fresh. I have to tell you that you must trust your instincts here. If you order a cake & flowers combo from an e-commerce store, looking for testimonials or reviews for the website to make sure that you are not played. Most e-commerce stores would deliver fresh and fragrant flowers. If it turns out others wise, its sheer bad luck or the e-commerce store goofed up somewhere. You can ask for refund or replacement, that I am sure you would get immediately. After all, same day cake delivery service is meant to offer the convenience for customers to arrange a gift quickly.

  • Experience An Efficient Designing Service To Create A Special Cake

    Cake is a delicious desert item and it is highly appreciated by the inhabitants in the UK. The cake lovers are interested to get the taste of different flavours. They usually experiment on the cake flavours because a unique flavour mesmerizes the presentation and taste of a cake. Besides making it creative and attractive, the taste also has to be very delicious. The cake makers in the UK can create very mind-blowing creation for the cake lovers.

    Which kind of cake you are looking for?
    If you want to decorate your cake in a different way then you have numbers of options to fulfil your desire. The cake decorators are professional and efficient enough to implement the best design on your cake. They understand your requirement very easily as they are expert enough in this area. They can experiment on creating the new design and flavour. So, you have to emphasise on the quality of design and flavour. If you have any particular choice then you can speak about your requirement to the expert cake makers.

    Significance of creating an exclusive cake:
    When you are looking for an innovative cake design then you have to research over the matter. A well decorated cake makes a celebration very perfect, purposeful and memorable.

    Delectable Cakes for Different Occasions
    The most eminent quality cakes are made in little clusters. An individual touch is given to every cake so there will be no treat cutter results (acquit the heating play on words). Pixie cakes are little and more fragile than the conventional cupcakes. It gives a stack of joy in a small bundle. It is included with some special flavours like crispy natural products, Belgian Chocolate, and Madagascan Vanilla, not rich icing or pounds of stomach-beating sugar.

    Pixie cakes might be round, cubed, or square moulded yet all are similarly heavenly. Lemon, carrot, and banana pixie cakes are mostly appreciated by the customers. Each has its own integral kind of hand crafted icing like a cream cheddar icing and clammy banana cake. Some few cooks even offer regular themed pixie cakes. For example, a floral flavoured cake for summer which is finished with white chocolate strawberry flavour including the rich Belgian chocolate and cream.

    Chocolate cakes are created with an awesome utilization of milk, white, and dull adaptations. Whatever their chocolate preference is, clients can discover it in a pixie cake by including some unique mixture like energy natural product, cream, or raspberries. Individuals unquestionably have their inclinations with regards to chocolate, so the best dough punchers must oblige them. They utilize genuine chocolate, not simply cocoa powder, while creating these little cakes. Large portions of these smaller cakes can be scaled to make a standard measured form.

    Heavenly Desserts That Melt In Your Mouth
    Tarts are heavenly contrasting options than the cakes which are quite frequently available for the real cake lovers. Strawberries, raspberries, apples, lemons, chocolate, and even red and dark streams are utilized to make these scrumptious sweets. Cheesecakes and tortes are the other significant wanton pastries which are easily accessible anytime.

    Clients who are inclined not to go over the edge appreciate treats, shortbread, bread rolls, and brownies. Biscuits including chocolate, nuts, natural product, or citrus fixings are appropriate at anytime of a whole day. Plunged strawberries are intended for the most exquisite events. Dessert makes everybody feel young and also including the jams. Some genuine foods are grown up with variation of the mostly preferred and adolescent sweets.

    Interviews - Face to face meeting is critical to guarantee that your cake creator comprehends your particular prerequisites; additionally it can be a chance to examine the better focuses and insights with respect to the cake's enhancement. An expert cake maker can propose any option that you may have disregarded.

    Accessibility - Be careful that great cake makers (like dependable businessman) can get reserved early and particularly for the most bustling times of the year, (for example, weekends, Christmas, wedding, the late spring and particularly weekends in the late spring). So stay away from disillusionment and order your required item in advance to your cake producer. You can avail the best opportunity from the professional cake maker in Hertfordshire.

    Ms Puja Pandey is the author of this article. She has an in-depth knowledge of cake maker in Cakeontime . She has written several articles on birthday Cakes.

  • Surprise Your Woman This Womens Day With Some Delicious Cake And Lovely Flowers

    Indeed she needs a special surprise from you men as the women in your life whether it is your wife, your Girlfriend, your mom or your sister deserves the most awaited thankyou from you for all the good things they have done for you.

    Many of us do not even realise that a woman makes so much of sacrifices so that the house can function as normal. Right from the birth of a child to its upbringing and keeping up the hopes high, all credit goes to the woman, therefore they definitely deserve a special surprise this women day.

    We do realise that women's day is not a national holiday therefore you cannot afford to spend quality time with her by staying off from work or really cannot take her out for a romantic dinner as the kids are busy with their exams, however these excuses should not come in way to buy her a surprise or go an extra mile to please her therefore to resolve these day to day work schedule, there are online cake delivery services which not only make sure that they bake the most special cake for your love but also deliver at your most desirable time slot.

    So what are you thinking of, simply Order Delicious Cakes Home Delivery Online in Noida and amaze you woman this women's day without even compromising on your other duties. You would be surprised to see how professional they are when it comes to their customer care service. If you want to go an extra mile then why not try Midnight Delivery of Fresh Cakes which would be delivered exactly when the clock strikes 12AM.And to add that special touch and keep the surprises going on greet her good morning with her most favourite flowers that too at your door steps by ordering, Online Cake Delivery Delhi NCR.

    If you haven't yet ordered any cake and flowers online then why not just try and log in to floral mall website and you would be able to see the various kind of cakes which you can order in different shapes and sizes. The best part about floral mall is that they are always open to custom make your cake according to your taste and preferences and make sure that they deliver them at your door steps at the most desirable time. If you are not too confident on the kind of cake you would design then their team of professional bakers and designers are always available to suggest you and provide you with options as to what would look best that too keeping in mind your budget. So now you can relax and enjoy this woman's day celebration as everything would be taken care of, right from cake to flowers, in order to bring that big smile on your beloved face and enlighten her day.

    If you are looking for send surprising gifts to your partners & friends visit FlorallMall. We are offer an extensive and exclusive variety of flowers in different categories, like flower bunches, arrangements & glass vase etc. For more details follow Best Online Flowers Delhi NCR & Online Cake Delivery Delhi NCR

  • Friendship Day A Celebration of Togetherness

    Friendship involves two different people with two different hearts who are emotionally attached with each other. A friend is the person with whom you share you worst experiences and best adventure is the course of life. It is a bond of togetherness which is embedded with selfless love, true feelings and heartfelt gratitude. Unlike other days of observance, the origin of Friendship Day is not clear. Friendship Day was established by the U.S. Congress in 1935, although it is also known as International Friendship Day. Customarily, friendship day is commemorated on the first Sunday of August month. Hence, this year the Friendship Day will be celebrated. Friendship Day is a special occasion and so are friendship day gifts.

    Online gift stores will offer you wide collections of friendship day gifts to send to India. Friendship is a sweet bond hence you can send friendship day cakes to add more sweetness to your relationship. It is a day to nurture your forever friendship and by sending a delectable friendship day cake, you cannot only strengthen the existing ties but can also foster some new bonds. It is also a good day to acknowledge the thoughtfulness and help you received from your friends. It is a day to let them know you are thinking of them. A good way to accomplish this is by sending them a wonderful cake which will satiate their taste palates and will be remembered by them all their lives. Friendship day is not only about bestowing your close friends with expensive gifts. It is a gesture which will convey your care, concern and affection towards them. An expensive gift may not always give them more happiness then a small gift which is given by all his or her heart and love. Nowadays, personalized gifts are gaining more popularity.

    It gives a personal touch to the receiver hence making them feel more special and happy. On this friendship day, you can perhaps gift your friend an exquisite photo cake. All you have to do is send a digital photo to the admin of the particular online gift store and they will reproduce that image on the surface of the cake. The image can be anything, a photo of the receiver or your photo with your friends or any other favorite image. Just imagine the blossom on the face of your friend when he or she receives this exotic personalized cake at their doorstep. Online gift stores are an excellent gateway to send friendships day gift to India. It is easy, quick and offers you superlative gifts at reasonable prices. Apart from cakes, you can also astonish your friend with a bag full of cookies or chocolates, greetings cards, soft toys or any other attractive collectible gifts. The facilities provided by these gifts store are ace and the delivery options are also quite flexible. Just order the cake, pay online and send friendship day cakes to India in no time.

    Send friendship day cakes to friends in India and cherish the sweet memories of Friendship day

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