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Cake on Time | Online Cake Delivery

Cake on Time | Online Cake Delivery

  • Confess your love for Black Forest Cakes with these 5 Flavoursome Cakes!

    Are you a true Black Forest cake lover? Every cake lover has one favourite flavour that they fight for till they haven’t grabbed the last bite of it. And if you are going to say vanilla is your favourite flavour, who are you kidding? Vanilla is a classic flavour, it’s tempting and irresistable. It’s everybody’s favourite.Other than this, you need to find a favourite flavour. So once again, I will ask you, are you a black forest cake lover? If you are, then there’s no chance on earth that you have not sampled the cakes that I have listed below. Or you can simply sample the cakes below and declare your love for black forest cakes.

    Delightful Heart Black Forest Cake

    This is a heart-shaped cake. A perfect gift for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversaries, this cake is decorated with fine chocolate chips and topped with maraschino cherries.If you have sampled this cake, you have sampled almost every black forest cake out there! If you want to be called a true black forest lover, make sure that you have sampled this delicious cake!To make this convenient, I would recommend you to use online cake delivery service offered by most bakeries in major cities.

    Choco Black Forest Cake
    Creamy frosting topped with maraschino cherries and dripping dark chocolate make this black forest cake look irresistible! You would love this classic circular-shaped fragrant cake. To enjoy the best taste,add a maraschino cherry to your bite.

    Black Forest Oreos Tier Cake

    This is a tiered black forest cake filled with the richness of chocolate and crunchiness of Oreos. If you’re a chocolate lover, it’s safe to assume that you are a fan of Oreos. Even if you’re not, sample this cake for the mere reason that it comes with creamy frosting topped with Oreos. Each bite has the buttery texture and the crunchy Oreo. And for all the Oreo lovers out there, this is undeniably the perfect cake baked to their taste.I would recommend you to use an online cake store to get the cake delivered. If you to order this lovely cake and need it delivered at a short notice I would recommend you to use midnight cake delivery service offered by most online cake stores that guarantees cake delivery by same day.

    Black Forest Cream Cake

    This is a circular-shaped cake with larger than regular chocolate shavings and maraschino cherries.Circumferenced with more chocolate shavings, this is a heavenly delight for chocolate lovers. This cake is decorated with cute frostings topped with maraschino cherries. But be a little mischievous and add a little more cream from the top of this cake to your bite and make it more buttery in texture.

    Black Forest Almond Cake
    This is a circular-shaped cake covered in white frosting topped with almonds. The cake is decorated with a lovely chocolate run out on the bottom. Grab a bite with a almond to get the best taste of this cake.

    Black Forest Cake with Organic Cherries

    Of all the cakes listed here, this one is decorated with red and juicy organic cherries instead of
    maraschino cherries.To taste the best of this cake, add a cherry from the top of this cake to your bite. If fresh cherries are tempting to you.. then this is a must-sample cake! There you have it! Five flavoursome cakes that every black forest cake lover must sample. If you are yet
    to confess your love for black forest cake, then the cakes listed above should be on your list of must-try.If you’re already a black forest lover, then consider trying the above cakes as a testimony for your love for black forest flavour.

    If you’re living in a metropolitan city like Gurgaon then consider them getting delivered at your doorstep with online cake delivery Gurgaon  and other cities. Simply find a bakery near your place of residence and order one of these cakes. Or you can order a cake online in Gurgaon on one of the online cakestores and the cake would be delivered to you within three to four hours.Now you have the choices and recommendations, go try these cakes.

  • Four Cakes to Try When You are in Delhi

    Honestly, you can’t find every delicious cake everywhere. For instance, red velvets are seldom found in towns. Given the popularity of red velvet cakes, it’s still difficult to find these pinkish delights everywhere. On the other hand, you will find red velvet cakes in all shapes and size at every café and bakery at nook and corner of this city. Delhi doesn’t only have passionate bakers, but a lot of them are professionally trained in the art of baking.

    Well, this would force you to think that you might have been missing out on a lot of delicious cakes. I will simply list down a few cakes that I believe you haven’t had the chance to sample. So that the next time you’re in Delhi, you can sample them. Here it goes--

    1. Lemon Cheesecake
    Have you ever loved lemon? Whether you have or not, we have always loved the refreshing taste of lemonades and this cake is nothing less. Plus, it is loaded with cheese. You might not enjoy the texture of cheese, but give the taste of this delicious cake, you won’t mind it. This cake is available in half kg, one kg and more. If you are a person who enjoys small bites in his/her own company, order a half kg. While if you want to impressive your friends with your knowledge of cakes and your taste in cakes, order a one kg.

    2. Black Forest Oreo Cake
    This cake has the crunchiness of Oreos and the sweetness of classic black forest cakes. If you’re fond of black forest cakes, this would be an added flavour to your long list of cakes that you have sampled. If you are fond of Oreo, this could be a delight to sample this one in yet another form. You will find this cake at almost every café. However, I would recommen you to order cake online in Delhi. You will the convenience of getting it delivered at your doorstep.

    3. Rose Cake
    Most of the time you will find this cake in the shape of a rose. However, this cake is as fragrant as a rose. It comes in tiered shape as well as half kg. Again, I would recommend you to order rose cake online in Delhi. You will have the convenience of getting it delivered at your doorstep. A lot of online stores also offer midnight cake delivery service. So even if you are running short of time. You can enjoy all the delicious cakes in Delhi by simply ordering them and it will delivered to you by midnight.

    4. Classic Pineapple Cake

    This cake has the goodness of pineapple and the fluffiness of classic cakes. It’s perfect for someone who loves pineapple. If you love pineapple and you’re in Delhi, this is a perfect cake to order. If you want to surprise somebody on their birthday in Delhi, this cake will certainly be a pleasant surprise for them.

    So there you have the four cakes that you must try in Delhi! If you are cake lover and the next you are in Delhi, you know what to do.

  • Black Forest Cakes You Must Try!

    What’s life without a black forest cake? Life is plain, simple, and not delicious. This might sound a little exaggerated, but believe me if you ask an ardent black forest cake lover, he/she wouldn’t deny it. We, black forest lovers (yes, we have our own cult!), have a special bond with it. And this is one reason we always go for black forest cakes irrespective of how many options we have when it comes to cakes. So I would like to invite you to be a part of this fraternity and join this cult of black forest cake lovers.

    Here are the five cakes that we absolutely adore and relish time and again. So if you want to be a part of us, sample these first!

    Classic Black Forest Cake

    I am sure you have sampled this one. Thick layers of cream fluffy bread are covered in chocolate. Eat a piece and I can bet that you would loose yourself to the melting cake in your mouth. If you have tried a black forest cake before, this must have been the one.

    Black Forest Cherry Heart Cake
    In addition to the thick chocolate shavings and cream frosting, this one is decorated with maraschino cherries. You would be delighted to see the red cherries evenly spread on the brown chocolate chips, and you would be more delighted when the smooth taste of cherries mixes with the chocolate in your mouth. I would also advise you here, to order cakes online, as you would have an opportunity to find more options when it comes to cherry cake.

    Black Forest Cream Cake

    If you’re fond of cream and chocolate, believe me, there can’t be a better combination of taste. The buttery texture of cream flatters your taste buds while chocolate cake melts in your mouth. You can find this delicious and buttery cake at all online store as as well as bakeries.

    Choco Black Forest
    This black forest cake is loaded with chocolate. From the layers between fluffy bread to the top of the cake, this cake is literally has chocolate dripping down. You can easily lick off the chocolate from this cake. If you are an ardent chocolate, the choco black forest cake is a must-try!

    Black Forest Crunch

    This one has crispy chocolate shavings on top. While you enjoy the melting bread in your mouth, you can take bites of the crispy chocolate chips. I can bet this unconventional yet delicious cake would sweep you off your feet.Well, those were the four black forest cakes that I recommend you to sample, if you haven’t sampled them yet. I would also recommend you to use online cake delivery service , which is available across all metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, etc. And if you didn’t know, these stores also offer midnight cake delivery that you can available during those forgetful times. Your cake will be delivered at
    your doostep by midnight.

    If you have already tried the above cakes, share your experience with us.

  • Irresistible Cakes That You Should Buy in Delhi

    Cakes are tempting. Whether you love them or not, sight of a cake makes everyone almost devour it. The hardest thing about cakes is to find them. Even in cities like Delhi, which is lined with bakeries, getting a perfect one isn’t easy. Being a cake lover, I will tell you five irresistible cakes and where to find them in Delhi. Plus, I will give you a few tips on how to buy cakes online in Delhi. First, these are the five irresistible cakes that you should definitely in Delhi--

    Red Velvet Cake-- Earlier this cake was favourite among women. We felt this delicious red gem of a cake would slowly replace the classic chocolate truffle in a woman’s heart. Well, this didn’t happen. Turn out, if a woman is given a choice, she would rather have both, instead of choosing one over another. Jokes aside, this is a marvellous piece to impressive anyone with your taste interest and surely the person will fall in love with you, given you taste interest. Red Velvet Cupcakes are equally popular. If you haven’t sampled these yet, it’s a must this time. You can buy red velvet cakes in Delhi at online stores.

    Mango Cake-- For once you might think, this cake is for someone who loves the sweet-sour summer mangoes. Indeed, if you want to enjoy the delicious mangoes during, this is a great option. Even better,this is would be a great gift to someone savours unlike anything else. I would advise you to order this cake from an online store again. You will have plethora of options when you buy Online Cake Delivery Delhi

    Creamy Blueberry Cake
    Blueberry isn’t everyone’s taste. This has a particularly peculiar taste. The kind of taste that is acquired over a long period of time. This cake is has a creamy frosting and delicious and a fluffy melt-in-the mouth texture. If you haven’t sampled it yet, this give it a try. Or buy it for someone who already loves this peculiar tasting cake. Blueberry cake comes in various other amalgamated flavours you will a chance to discover them when you a buy Online Cake Delivery Delhi

    Pineapple Cake-- This cake is filled with the goodness of freshly sliced pineapples. Plus, the fluffy cake has the fragrance and the juiciness of pineapples. I can’t urge you more to sample this cake. Take a bite and you will want to have more, whether love you pineapple or not. You will find more other pineapple flavours when you buy a cake online in Delhi.

    Black Forest Oreo Cake -- This cake has a dual appeal. It has the classic black forest cake and the new fad taste and crunchiness of Oreo. Now, if you like one of the two you are good to go with this cake. If you don’t, I would urge you to sample this eclectic combination of black forest cake and Oreo. Sample this cake when you are not hosting guests, this could your new found love. However, don’t risk the mood of an occasion by trying to introduce your guests to a new flavour. This could backfire. You will have an opportunity to sample new combination of flavours when you buy a cake online in Delhi.

    So did you the cakes on this list? Go sample them one at a time.

  • Times When You Should Only Go For Cakes!

    Cakes have been mostly associated with birthdays. Cake cutting has been an old tradition, that has travelled from the Europe to other parts of the world. However, cake cutting ceremony isn’t limited to birthdays anymore. Cakes are now synonymous with celebrations, no matter how big or small a celebration is, cakes are ought to be part of it. Started in Europe, cakes (and other baked edibles are part of casual lunch and dinner) and this can now can be found in all parts of the world. This post will outline a few occasions other than birthdays when you can go for cakes!

    Meeting college/school friends is always a delight. Especially, when we’re so caught in our life that we can hardly think of anything other than work. Get-togethers are wonderful, but hosting and planning can be intimidating. Don’t worry, though. Order a delicious cake and you will be fine. If you can’t take out time, you can buy cake online. For some reason, if this slips your mind, you can use midnight cake delivery service offered by most online cake stores.

    2. Wedding anniversaries

    Wedding anniversaries are generally a close knit family celebrations, but sometimes this can be as grand as weddings. In such occasions, you should definitely order a cake. You can choose a cake that’s subtle in taste and not very peculiar, as you would want everyone to love the cake. Cakes like raspberry, blueberry etc are peculiar in taste and a lot of people night not like it. Again, you can buy a cake online. You can use online cake delivery service to get the cake delivered to your doorstep.

    3. Valentine’s Day
    This lovely day is marked by people expressing their love and affection for their loved ones. Chocolate boxes, red roses, and other fragrant flowers are usually the gifts on this occasion. However, cakes are great gifts too. Especially, if you are having a Valentine’s Day party. If you are inviting a large number of guests, order a chocolate fondant cake. To keep things convenient, use online cake delivery. This service is easily available with Online Cake Delivery Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and other tier 1 cities.

    4. Promotions
    Promotions are a surprise and it hardly gives you time to plan for a celebration. On top of this, collegues pester you into throwing them a lavish party which you can’t run away from. So what should you do? You can throw them an instant treat by simply ordering a delicious cake. If you want to make it lavish as yourcolleagues want it to be order cupcakes, pizza, along with main course. To order a cake use a online cake delivery service.

    In fact, you can plan your promotion treat in advance if you know a promotion is coming your way. Here, I would recommend you to use midnight cake delivery service. Most online cake stores offer this service and without a doubt you can expect them to deliver fresh cakes at midnight.So did you like the suggestions? If you did, give the newly opened cake stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other metropolitan cities a chance to serve and make your celebrations the best they can.

  • How to impress your girlfriend with a cake

    We all have our little arguments with our girlfriends. Don’t we? As much as we would like to make it right , we can’t find ways to do it. We end up buying fluffy bears that they like cuddle or expensive greeting cards that are there with them for not more than a day, and end up trash bins for a two days. That makes our heart sink, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a solution to it. It’s simple: buy her a cake. But, make sure that you do it in a celebratory way, when it’s required and casually when it’s required to. Here’s how to do it.
    Her birthday-- You can’t forget her birthday. Given that we’re busy, we’re bound to forget it. All you have to do is order her favorite cake and surprise her with doorstep delivery. Go to any online cake delivery website and order one. The best would be to order her favourite or you can simply go with the classic chocolate truffle cake.
    If you’re living in a metropolitan city you can easily find this service, as online cake delivery in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon and other cities is easily available.
    You messed up-- You forgot to do something she asked you to. Now, the blame is on you. If you even cared a tad bit about it, she would have been honky dory. But, you didn’t. So you will have to pay the price. You can buy her a box of chocolates and a bouquet of fragrant flowers. This will cheer her up! To keep things convenient, use an online cake delivery service. A lot of cake stores also offer online midnight cake delivery service, which is readily available in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon.
    Valentine's’ Day-- This day is celebrated with a chocolate or a white forest cake filled with chocolate shavings. And the customary red roses. But, be a great boyfriend and send her a box muffins and a bouquet of red roses! Again. Don’t go to the trouble of visiting a florist, use an online cake delivery service, or as I mentioned cities such as Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi have midnight cake delivery service, use them to your advantage.
    You kept her waiting-- This happens more often than you think. We get caught up in meetings or are piled up with work or sometimes we completely forgot until our girlfriend calls us and tells about this date we had planned a week ago. That’s horrible, right? This is a time when the sooner she gets pleased, the late she receives it bitter she gets. You can use midnight cake delivery service here to get a cake delivered fast. Strawberry cake, fresh fruit cake, cheese cake or the ever-loved red velvet cake. I would recommend you to use online cake delivery. However, pacify her as soon as you, remember that the longer the delay, the bitter she gets. If you think, you it would be late to meet her, surprise her with a cake right before you reach. This might not pacify her completely, but it definitely make her fell better. So give try the Online Cake Delivery Delhi.
    I hope my suggestions help. Good luck and have long and loving relationship.

  • How to buy cakes in Delhi?

    Have you ever wondered-- if there’s anything you can ‘t find in Delhi? Obviously, I haven’t. Delhi is home to a diverse ethnicity of people. This means it has to provide everything one needs. First, it has it’s own North Indian culture to propagate and then serve the needs of others. The point I am making is--irrespective of where you are from, this city easily offers you to uncompromisingly follow your culture.
    For instance , if you are a South Indian, you can easily find spices and the cooking utensils that arecharacteristic of the south Indian culture. .
    When it comes to buying cakes in Delhi, well, the scene is no different. You can find a bakery on every nook and corner of Delhi and now online. Though cakes have been an integral part of Delhi culture for a long, given that it is the epicentre of cultural exchange between India and the world, you still might find it a little trouble to buy cakes in Delhi. So I will tell where and how you can buy cakes in Delhi.

    Well, here are your best options--
    Cafe and Bakeries-- Okay, these are your best options to buy a cake in Delhi, if you live near one. If you have a cafe that you visit frequently and trust then you can be certainly sure about taste and quality. However, you may find the choice of cakes is very less. So if you’re buying for yourself it’s perfectly okay. But, while looking for gift cakes it might be a trouble.
    In case you have to carry the cake you bought yourself might be inconvenient.
    Food courts-- This is a place where people in Delhi celebrate promotions, appraisals, colleague’s birthday, and impromptu get-togethers. Since these are the closest people can find their office. A perfectly suited place to buy cakes in Delhi to celebrate the above occasions. You can buy cakes at food courts on the spot.

    Online cake stores--Now, these are my favorite, for a number of reasons. But, I will share the most significant ones with you. First, the variety of cakes you get here is massive. Second, these stores offer online cake delivery service that delivers cakes right at your doorstep. If for some reason you forget to order a cake in advance, you can easily place a midnight cake delivery order. And the cake of your choice will be delivered by the time clock strikes 12.

    So there you have it, the three options if you want to buy a cake in Delhi! As I said earlier, Delhi is a diverse city and you will have a vast selection of cakes. Just try the above options and you will be happy.
    A piece of advice-- never go to the shop in your neighbourhood. Honestly, they will sell you a stale cake for a fresh one. Don’t be lured by their sweet and deceiving talk on how they always save the best for you.Well, now, you have more options. So go find the best cake you can buy in Delhi.

  • How to find the best cake for any occasion?

    Finding a perfect cake can be a real trouble. Believe it or not, a bad selection of cake can ruin the entire mood of an occasion. Imagine that you ordered a stale peculiar-tasting cake ( something like blueberry) cake when the guests are used to the taste of classic chocolate truffle cakes. Got my point? Will it not spoil the entire occasion? Only if you agree to the mood part, the next part of this article will make sense to you. It’s hard to keep the grimacing faces of guests off the mind. Isn’t?

    Well, I tell you how can you avoid this.
    You need to know which cake mixes with the mood.

    For example, occasions like wedding anniversaries and Valentine's’ Day call for a romantic cake. Heart-shaped and rose-shaped cakes are best suited for these occasions. When you are selecting a birthday cake for your partner, this would again be a perfect timing for those cakes. If you are living away from your partner, use an online cake delivery service to get it delivered to your partner’s doorstep step or if you’re planning a surprise. Similarly, you can choose fondant and photo cakes for children’s birthday.
    If your loved one has a favorite flavour, order in advance.
    I hate to admit this, but sometimes we order cakes at the last minute, and as you may have realize, it’s hard to find some flavours at the last minute. So order the cake in advance. Most online cake stores take orders for as long as a week in advance. A few of these cake stores offers online midnight cake delivery service, which you can use to get cakes delivered at midnight. If you’re one of those forgetful types, this could be of immense help!
    Avoid peculiar tasting cakes
    If you don’t want to see grimacing faces of guests, you shouldn’t pick a cake like that, especially when you are planning a grand celebration, like a wedding silver jubilee. Flavours like Kiwi, Raspberry, and blueberry have to acquired and every one might not like it. So a choose a cake that’s a little subtle in taste. Speak to online cake stores, apart from helping you with online cake delivery, they will help you settle on the most suitable flavour for your occasion. They have innumerable options, some of which we haven’t even heard, but might be of help. So try that!
    Stay loyal to one store Develop favoritism towards an online cake store. Frankly, we need them as much as they need us. Plus, you get coupons in exchange for being loyal and they would go an extra mile in times of emergency for you. After all, Believe me, no cake store is perfect. You won’t have to scour for a new online cake store every time you need a cake.Keep the above four things in mind and you will never have to embarrass yourself, because you messed up with the selection of cake.

  • Cakes you haven’t heard about!

    We get busy and life passes by! It’s easy to miss out on the little things that we love and appreciate, but we hardly take time out for them. One of these little things is a cake-- sweet little bundle of memories. If you look back, a lot of our memories for some of the big celebrations have been created around these little pieces of happiness. Take out photo album and you will see cake-smeared faces. If you‘re anything thing like us, these pictures will bring a smile on your face. What am I getting at?

    These little pieces of happiness have come a long way and there are innumerable flavours that you can try! Without further ado, I will give you a list of 5 cakes that most probably you haven’t tasted and are perfect for making any celebration into a memorable one! So here you go!

    Classic Chocolate Truffle Cakes-- The name says it all. These cakes can never go out of fashion.Firstly, because people will never stop loving chocolate. Secondly, people starting loving chocolate sooner or later at one point of time. These are perfect for any occasion-- birthday,wedding anniversaries, and even an impromptu get-together.

    If you’re living in a metropolitan city like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc, you can also avail online cake delivery service. In case, you are one of those forgetful types, you can use midnight cake delivery service to order cakes almost instantly.

    Tiered Cake-- These are fondant covered cute multi-tiered cakes. Perfect for grand celebrations like weddings. Since fondants, giving them adorable looks, these are best suited for children
    birthday celebrations. These are available at most online cake stores. However, some of them might be able to available at a short notice. So make sure you place the order for these lovely cakes a week in advance. In case, you to want order it for a surprise, use online cake delivery service, as carrying this cake could be inconvenient.

    Rose Cakes -- These cakes are characterized by presence of any resemblance to roses. Some of these have the fragrance of rose , while a few of them are shaped in the form of a rose.Needless to say, very well-suited for romantic occasions like wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

    Fruit Cakes -- Filled with the goodness of fresh fruits, these are filled with the aroma and the juice of fresh fresh fruits. If you know someone who is very particular about their food choices,these cakes would be a wonderful choice. You health conscious friend might want to have a mouthful of these cakes!

    Pineapple Cake-- These cakes have the aroma and deliciousness of a pine apples. If you knowsomeone who is particularly fond of pine apples, there can’t be a better cake than pine apple cakes. Most online cake stores have these, in addition to fresh fruit cakes. So order this for the special day of your pine apple-loving friend.

    In addition, to the above five cakes, there’s raspberry, red velvet, blueberry and more. You can find more of these on any online cake store. You will find online cake delivering in Noida, Delhi,Gurgaon, and other big cities.

  • Here’s Why Residents in Gurgaon are Raving about Online Cake Delivery

    The other thing about this service is the huge collection of cakes that is available to be ordered. For once, you might think that all the cakes might not be available for midnight delivery service, but you can’t be further than the truth. Because every flavour among the selection is available for delivery. This service has such as good response that online cake stores have now expanded their service to cities like Delhi and Noida.
    So you can now available midnight cake delivery in Delhi and Noida too.

    What’s more?
    Online cake store that offer these service guarantee freshness of the cakes. The reason for this is-- these stores have tied up with with small cafe and bakeries which help them to delivery cakes on time. In addition to cakes,
    you can order cupcakes, muffins, flowers and more.

    How can you avail these services?
    Most of these online cake stores only have a website like a regular e-commerce website from where you can select a cake of your choice. When you place the order you would be prompted to add the delivery time. Fill it as your convenience, or if you want it to be delivered at midnight just make it 12:00 PM and just wait for the cake to arrive. The good thing is--even if you order the cake 4- 5 hours before, you will get the cake at midnight. However, I am not sure if you can order the cake an hour or so earlier. So check with the most convenient online cake store you find.
    Now what can you get during this service?
    As I told you earlier, this service allows you to order from sweet muffins to fragrant bouquets of flowers. There are combos that you can order too, which I would recommend you to send them to your partner or significant other, if you have upset them and need to fix it. Midnight cake delivery service is a boon for people who often forget their friends birthdays or their anniversaries. So you schedule your delivery a week in advance or right an hour before!

    As we know, there can’t be people more busy than the residents of Gurgaon-- bet it for fun or work. So now you know why residents of Gurgaon are raving about online cake delivery.

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