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5 Exciting Chocolate flavoured Cakes Everyone Should Try

Chocolates are loved by almost everyone. From older generations to the youngest generation, chocolates are enjoyed by everyone equally. If this chocolate flavour is coupled with the buttery texture of cake, this combination turns out even more delicious. Chocolate flavoured cakes are great examples of this eclectic mix of chocolate flavour and buttery texture. The following five cakes are true manifestation of this delicious combination of flavour and texture. If this has already made you drooling, sample these cakes the soonest you can. We provide Online Cake Delivery in Delhi, Here are the five chocolate-flavoured cakes you should definitely sample--

chocolate cakes

1.Black Forest Cake -- This cake is most definitely are favourite among all chocolate lovers. Spongy cake loaded with the deliciousness of chocolate. You will find this decorated with chocolate shavings which melts in mouth to increase the flavour even more. You can order this heaven of a cake online from any of the online cake stores. This is a common chocolate flavoured variant cake and is easily at nearby cafes and bakeries.
2. White Forest Cake -- This cake is almost similar to Black Forest Cake in taste except the fact that it is also loaded with creamy white frosting and red maraschino cherries. This is a must sample cake for every true chocolate and cake lovers.

3.Chocolate Truffle Cake -- If you want to sample the true  goodness of chocolate without the fluffiness of bread. This truffle cake is a true gastronomic delight. This cake has been hugely popular among  chocolate lovers, for its intense chocolate flavour. A bite of this cake would leave you craving for more.  To get the best taste take a bite a maraschino cherry. If the temptation has already started overpowering you, visit an online cake store and order this cake.

4.Dark Chocolate Cake-- Dark chocolate has very few admirers. After all, it’s an acquired taste. However, for  every  chocolate lover, this cake shouldn’t miss the list.  Go ahead and order this cake for your weekend and indulge in this delectable treat. Rest assured that you will have a great weekend. This cake is available at every cafe and bakery you will find in your neighbourhood. If you want to save yourself from walking down to the nearest cafe, order this cake from an online cake store and get it delivered at your doorstep. All major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, and Gurgaon have online cake delivery services available.

5.Chocolate Vanilla Cake -- This cake is an eclectic  mix of  the classic flavours -- vanilla and chocolate. If you ever wanted to try the two classic flavours in one bite, this flavoursome cake is it. This is a perfect cake for anyone who loves chocolate and vanilla in equal amounts. The glazing chocolate dripping on top of this cake gives this cake an utterly delicious look, while the white frosting underneath it lends it a sumptuous look. Order this cake from an online cake store and enjoy this refreshing cake in solitude or with your partner in good and bad.  Services like online cake delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon, and other metropolitian cities are available too, which make ordering cakes easy.

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