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7 Cakes that Would Cheer Up kid on their Birthday

Finding a perfect cake for your kids birthday can be a pretty daunting task. If you are busy as usually as you are this can also be stressful. So how do you find a perfect cake for your kid’s birthday that would make your kid happy and delighted. So help yourself and know below some of the cakes. Here you go!

  1.  Mango Jelly Cake: This is a delicious mango-flavoured  jelly cake. Kids are attracted to Jelly like bees are attracted to sunflowers. Moreover, most kids love mangoes. So if you’re kid loves mango as much as other kids , this is the best cake that you can have for your kids birthday.
    Mango Jelly Cake
  2. Barbie Doll Cake: This pink-colored cake takes the shape of Barbie doll. If your kid is 2-7 years old and plays with Barbie dolls, this cake is for your baby girl. Order this cake for your kid’s birthday by simply placing  an online order on any of the multitude of online cake stores which deliver cake in your area.Barbie Doll Cake
  3. Doremon Delight Cake : Doremon is a popular cartoon character among kids, and kids love everything to do with Doremon. This Doraemon cake is sure to delight any kid who is a fan of cartoon characters.  This cake can be easily ordered from any online cake store. However, make sure that you place the order a week in advance, as cakes like this take a week to be prepared. Online cake delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon, and other metro cities is easily available through these stores.Doremon Delight Cake
  4. Oggy Creamy Cake:  Oggy is another popular cartoon character which kids adore.  This cake has a whipped cream layer on top. If your kid loves cartoon characters very much, this would be a great option. If your kids love Oggy, there can’t be a better cake than this. Again, you an order this  cake from an online cake delivery store. As I said, these cakes can take up to a week to prepare, so if you want this cake to be delivered on your kid’s birthday, place the order a week in advance.Oggy Creamy Cake
  5. Popeye Photo Cake: Popey is a popular cartoon known for his strength  and kids love him as much as they love ice cream. This is essentially a photo cake with a print of popeye on top the cake. This cake is available at leading online cake stores across Delhi, Gurgaon, New Delhi and other metro cities.Popeye Photo Cake

In addition to Popeye, there are other photo cakes  such as Ninja Hattori, Ben10, Dora and more. So you can go for any of these cakes.

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6 . Fruit Cakes : These cakes are filled with the goodness of fruits. If your kid loves fruits, you can go for these cakes. Mostly these cakes come loaded with different fruits, however you can also get a cake with just one fruit.

 Fruit Cakes

7. Chocolate Oreos: This cake adds the two delicious flavours-- chocolate and Oreo together. Kids love Oreos. Combined with chocolate, this cake would bring a smile on their face. If you live in a metropolitan city, you can order this cake from online cake stores as online cake delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon and other metro cities would be available.

Chocolate Oreos

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