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7 Cakes that Would Make Your Christmas Merrier this Holiday Season!

Christmas is here!  A  comparatively more fun and merrier time of the year, offices and mostly upscale commercial places are covered in adorable red and white colored decoratives. Most people have already baked a cake or are in the process of baking on, or at least have  one in mind. However, most families go with the traditional rum cake. How about try something classic yet flavoursome this season. Try the below seven cakes-
1-Black Forest Divine Cake
This is a quirky square-shaped cake, covered in whipped cream frosting, topped with maraschino cherries. And chocolate shavings on top give this cake the quintessential black forest look. Serve this cake with a maraschino cherry and a few chocolate to truly enjoy the divine taste of this cake.
The white frosting gives this christmas-y look. So if you want a cake that goes with your Christmas decorations and tastes divine, this black forest divine cake is the option to go for!
I would recommend you to use online cake delivery service to order this cake. If you’re one of those forgetful persons  or have a busy schedule, I would suggest you to order the cake in advance and wait patiently till the cake arrives on your step door.
2. Royal Black Forest Cake
This is a regular circular-shaped cake with a checkered frosting topped with dark brown cherries and red and juicy strawberries. The white and red combination of colours would match your Christmas decorations, if you’re really inclined towards that.

The chocolate chips on the circumference of this cake add the black forest-y look to this cake. Serve with chocolate shaving to delight your guests on Christmas dinner.
3. Black Forest Heat Cherry Cake
This a heart-shaped black forest cake. Unlike most black forest cake, this one has hard chocolate shavings and is circumferenced with fine chocolate chips. Red maraschino cherries over hard chocolate shavings and white whipped cream frosting gives this cake, a complete red and white colour combination to go with your christmas decorations.
For all people who live in Delhi,Gurgaon, Noida, etc I would recommend you to use online cake stores to get the best options for black forest cakes and for speedy delivery.
4. Pineapple Crown Cake  
This is a sumptuous crown-shaped cake with whipped cream frosting. Little piping topped with pineapple give this cake a lovely look perfect for gatherings like Christmas dinner.  The other reason to get this cake is the juicy pineapples.  To get the perfect taste take a bite with a slice of pineapple.
This cake is available at most online cake delivery websites. If you wish to skip the baking part and get to the relishing part, go straight ahead and order this delicious pineapple crown cake.

5. Italian Almond Cake
This is again a crown-shaped cake. This specialty cake is laden with the goodness of almond. Decorated with the white whipped cream frosting, this cake easily match with your Christmas decorations. Serve this cake with chopped almonds to get the best taste.
6. Black Forest Crunch Cake
This cake combines the goodness of  black forest cake with crunchiness of buttercream chips. A perfect cake to go with your Christmas decorations! Its white frosting would mingle completely with surrounding making the holiday merrier.
7. White Forest Cake
This is a classic circular cake with a medium loft. Decorated with whipped cream frosting all over  and topped with maraschino cherries, it gives this cake a lovely white-and-red look that looks perfect for Christmas dinner.
Where to buy these cakes?
I have listed above 7 cakes that you can try for this Christmas. But, in case you’re baking, I would tell you to keep it simple but consistent . You will soon be in the league of elite  bakers. I recommend you to use a online cake delivery  in service  Delhi, Gurgaon  and on every other occasion  as it delivers cakes, muffins, cupcakes  and flower bouquets. Or if you’re missing someone this lovely Christmas, send your love and wishes by simply sending them one of the above cakes. Order the above cake at any online cake delivery website and get it delivered
Merry Christmas.

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