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7 Cakes Other Than Rum Cake You Should Try This Christmas

Rum cakes are a tradition in most christian communities and a must-have on Christmas. Inevitably, a Christmas dinner is incomplete without a rum cake. There’s no way one would skip a rum cake. However, if you have not done so far, be a little offbeat this season and try one one of the cakes listed below, for a refreshing change. If you have, the cakes listed below should make it your list of must-haves on Christmas. Share the love, joy, and merriment of the Christmas with your loved ones while you enjoy a delicious dinner. So what cakes can you try this Christmas? Well, we have seven of them listed down below. So here you go!

Black Forest Almond Cake 

This is a black forest cake with a complete white frosting. If you’re one of those people who likes to have food on the dining table to go with the christmas decorations, this cake would do wonders. As the plain white frosting would easily go with classic red-and-white christmas decorations.
This cake is delicious. Serve the cake with chopped almonds on the side to get the best taste.

White Forest Cake 

This is a classic loft-shaped cake with complete white whipped cream frosting. Red maraschino cherries give this cake a wonderful look perfect to go with christmas decorations. If you love white forest flavour cakes in general, this would be a suitable replacement for a rum cake. You will find this cake at most online cake stores.

White forest cakes make one of the finest gifts for Christmas. So if you are missing someone who loves white forest cakes and won’t be with you for Christmas dinner, this would be a great time to show your affection towards them. Order this lovely and delicious cake for them.

Black Forest Oreo Tier Cake 

This cake combines the sweetness of chocolate and the crunchiness of Oreos.  If you like Oreos, this would be a good replacement for rum cake. This is also a tier cake, so you can customize according to the number of guests in your Christmas dinner list.  
This cake is also a perfect Christmas gift  for your loved ones. Most people like Oreos, if you know someone who loves Oreos by no bounds, make their Christmas by sending them this lovely cake as a gift.

Royale Black Forest Cake
This is a classic circular black forest cake with chocolate shavings on the circumference. Decorated with strawberries, the red dash adds to the elegance of the cake. If your inviting colleagues or other acquaintances for dinner, this cake would be a perfect replacement for rum cake.

Vanilla Sprinkle Cake
This is a classic vanilla cake with white white whipped cream frosting.  There are sprinkles all over it. If you’re planning a Christmas dinner with the kids, the sight of sprinkles on the cake would delight them. Additionally, the complete white colour with multi-colored sprinkles  would go well with the Christmas decorations.

Children love sprinkles. If you are expecting a lot of children at your Christmas dinner or planning a children’s exclusive Christmas dinner, this cake would be a perfect replacement for a rum cake.

Raspberry Chocolate cake

This is a classic raspberry cake. The rich raspberry colour makes this cake extremely elegant. If you’re hosting friends and family over Christmas dinner, this cake would earn you a  lot of respect. This cake is loaded with the goodness of fresh raspberry and chocolate. However, make sure that you have another cake, as raspberry flavour  is an acquired taste. Not all people will like it. So it’s better to have two cake s or if there’s anyway you could confirm your  guests’ taste preferences there can be nothing better.

So there you have them-- seven cakes that you can go for this Christmas, instead of rum cake. Did you have some other cake on your mind? Whatever that is, go ahead and try that one. Additionally, if you foresee yourself skipping the baking part, I would recommend you to order a cake from an online cake delivery store to save time and get the convenience of getting the cake delivered at your doorstep.

Merry Christmas!

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