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7 Chocolates Cakes You will Drool Over

Chocolate cakes are all time favourite among adults and young. These classic cakes are rich with the goodness of cocoa and other delicious ingredients. Unlike a few years ago,
Chocolate cakes haven’t stayed just as simple. Influenced by foreign cultures, these classic cakes have gone a lot of change and have come in variants each one more delicious than the other. Can you bet that you have tasted all the variants of chocolate cake? If yes, tally your count from the list below, and if you haven’t, you have a chance to sample more chocolate cake variant.
1. Choco Vanilla Cake: This cake is an eclectic mix of vanilla and chocolate flavour. If you love chocolate and Vanilla, there can’t be a better option than this cake. The lovely light brown colour of this cake will tempt you dig right in as soon as you lay your eyes on it.
2. Chocolate Chips Cake: This cake is loaded with delicious crunchy chocolate chips. Each bite of this cake will burst out filling your mouth with chocolate.

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3. Chocolate Oreo Cake: This chocolate flavoured cake comes covered with whipped cream frosting and topped with Oreos. The chocolate drippings on this cake make it look like chocolate is overflowing. If you like Oreos, this is a perfect cake to enjoy. The taste of crunchy Oreos and melting chocolate in your mouth would be an unforgettable experience. If you’re craving already, try Online cake delivery service Delhi, and this cake would reach you in the next one hour.

4. Chocolate Truffle Cake: This is a regular flavoursome chocolate cake. If you’re craving for chocolate, there can’t be a better chocolate cake than this to satiate your taste buds. This is available at most cake stores, so you can order this cake easily.
5. Chocolate Strawberry : This half-pink and half-brown coloured cake is a perfect gift for anyone who loves strawberry and chocolate by equal amounts. If you’re one of them, you will love this cake. Start digging from your one favourite flavour and end at the other.
6. Chocolate Flake Cake: This cake is topped with chocolate shavings, and whipped cream frosting give this cake an utterly delicious look. This flavoursome circular cake is covered with more chocolate savings at its bottom. This cake will satiate your taste buds, no matter how much you are craving chocolate.
7. Chocolate Ganache Cake: This cake is covered in chocolate ganache which gives it an utterly exquisite look. For chocolate lovers, the chocolate ganache on top of this cake is irresistible, and tempts you to dig right in.

So have you sampled all the above cakes? If yes, be a proud cake lover, and if not, at least now you know the cake you need to order on your next special occasion, or just the cake you need to sample next. You can order all the above cakes and avail online cake delivery to get it delivered at your doorstep. Happy eating!

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