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7 Kid’s Birthday Cakes That Your Child Would Adore

Kids’ birthdays can be chaotic with all the kids running around and talking. But, planning a kids’ birthday definitely is. Especially when you are a working professional. During such times finding a perfect cake could be a trouble.  There are cakes that are perfect for children birthdays.

Well, this post lists a few cakes for kids birthdays that you can order for your child’s birthday.

Barbie Doll Cake 

This is a pink-coloured cake that resembles a barbie. Perfect for your angel’s birthday. If you’re little girl loves playing with those lovely dolls and is a  barbie fan, this barbie doll cake would be the perfect cake to celebrate her birthday and make it a memorable one.
This cake is a flawless imitation of barbie doll and is easy to mistake for a real barbie doll.  If your little angel is a barbie admirer, there can’t be a better cake than this.
As you may imagine, this is a highly sophisticated cake and delivery in a day or two might not be possible. So make sure that you order this cake a week in advance. Use an online cake delivery store to order this cake.

Ben 10 cake
Is your little boy a Ben 10 fan? If yes, then Ben 10 Cake would be a perfect cake for his birthday. To make his birthday a memorable one , keep this a surprise and only reveal when it’s time for the cake cutting ceremony.
This is essentially a photo cake. If you plan to get this one delivered make sure that you order a week before as photo cakes take time.

Oggy Cream Cake
Oggy and the cockroaches is one of the most popular cartoon shows among kids. Oggy is the most popular character. Not just kids, lot of adults enjoy this cartoon show equally too. If your child is a Oggy and the cockroaches fan? If yes, then there can’t be a better cake this one.
This cake comes with a oggy impression made with whipped cream frosting.

Photo Cake
In addition to Oggy and the cockroaches, there are other popular cartoon shows that are popular among kids. More than these shows, the kids adore the lead characters in these shows. Like Motu Patlu, Chota Bhim, Popeye, Doremon, Ninja Hattori etc. are popular among kids. You can get all these lovely characters  printed on a cake. If your kid is a serial binge watcher, these photo cakes would certainly do justice for his/her birthday.
To make the birthday more memorable, try to get who is his/her favourite character.  

Mango Jelly Cake

Kids are attracted to jelly just as bees are attracted to honey. This cake would be a suitable choice if your kid turning 6 or more.  Loaded with the goodness of mangoes this cake tastes divine, and the classy jelly add elegance to this cake.  Also, if you have invited your colleagues and acquaintances  to your kid’s birthday party, this cake would make a great dessert for the dinner.   
Black Currant Jelly Cake
Black Currant is a quirky flavour. Kids love it!  If your kid love this one particular flavour this cake would be a perfect cake of his/her birthday.
This cake isn’t easily available and only a few selected cake stores have it. So if you would like this cake for your kid’s birthday make sure that you order a week in advance or at least start checking with bakeries a week in advance.

Creamy Blueberry Cake
This is one of the rare flavours which has to be acquired over time. If your kid loves to try new things, you can surprise him/her with this flavour. However, if your planning a big gathering you should avoid this. In all other cases, blueberry cake is highly recommended. This flavour isn’t easily available. So I would recommend you to order this at least a week in advance.

So there you have them-- 7 kids birthday cakes! Do you like the seven kids birthday cakes listed above? I hope you did. Additionally, I would recommend you to use online cake delivery service to get the cakes delivered if your schedule looks packed.

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