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8 Cakes That are perfect for Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversaries are special, especially wedding anniversaries. This special day reminds us of the past years that have been spent well together. In memory of the past lovely years, we wish that the coming years be just as delighting as the past ones. Cake cutting ceremony is a part of the wedding anniversaries and it makes the celebration rather more cheerful with the guests cheering. If you want to make your wedding anniversary a memorable event, here are a few cakes that are perfect for this special occasion--

Beloved Chocolate Cake 

This is a heart-shaped chocolate cake that fully exudes the romance in couples! This cake would add a romantic vibe to your wedding anniversary celebration. Moreover, chocolate is a classic flavour that’s loved by all!  If you can’t think of any other cake, this is the most suitable cake. Go for this delicious chocolate cake, if you’re out of options!
This cake would be an ideal cake if you’re planning a small family get-together on your wedding anniversary.

Ferrero Rocher Choco Cake

This is a classic circular chocolate cake. Laden with the goodness of chocolate and popular Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. The dripping chocolate syrup decoration adds chocolat-y  appeal to this cake. It’s a perfect a gift for someone who loves chocolate. So if you want to give your significant other a sweet gift this delicious Ferrero Rocher Cake is an ideal option!
You can find this cake on all the leading online cake stores.  

Red Rose Cake
This cake adds a romantic vibe to your wedding celebration just as a red rose does in a relationship. If you’re staying away from your significant other, this cake would be a perfect gift.  You can order this beautiful and delicious cake from any online cake store.

Rose Pearl Wedding Cake

This is elegant cake would accentuate the decor of your wedding anniversary celebration. If you’re planning an opulent celebration, this would be a perfect cake. The white pearl-like frosting adds that extra elegance, while the red coloured rose simply accentuates the beauty of this heart-shaped cake.

Number Cake
Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a cake that literally screams the number of yours that you spent together happily?  If you agree with this thought, you should order a number cake. You can have this decorated as well as increase the size of this cake.

Photo Cake
Photo cakes are a sensation in the bakery world. You can have a good photograph you as a couple printed on the cake. If you live in a joint family and you are celebrating an elder’s wedding anniversary, getting a family photograph printed on the cake would be a nice idea. However, make sure that you order a week or two advance, because photo cakes can take a lot of time.  
These cakes are available at all online cake stores. Photo cakes can be heavy, so if you want save yourself from the trouble of carrying this cake around, order it from one of the online cake stores. You will have the convenience of getting it delivered at your doorstep.

2 Tier Rose Cake
This is a 2 tier rose cake. It’s completely white with pearl-like beads seating on the surface of this cake. If you’re planning a grand wedding anniversary celebration, this cake would be a wonderful choice. Apart from the tickling the taste buds, this cake would be enough  to get each guest a generous portion.

Chocolate Glaze Cake
This is the most elegant cake on this list. This cake glistens like a mirror giving it an extremely imperial appeal. This is an ideal gift if you want to impress someone on their wedding anniversary. Go for this one, if you want to impress your partner with your choice of cake.


There you have them-- 8 perfect cakes for wedding anniversaries. Go ahead and buy one of the above cakes to make your wedding anniversary memorable. If you’re one of those forgetful types, you can make sure that your cake is delivered on time by simply ordering a cake online. For residents of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other metropolitan cities, there’s an even better service. You can get the above cakes delivered at midnight. If you want to surprise your partner, use this midnight cake delivery service.

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