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Best friend’s wedding gifts are no more a headache

One of things you can’t deny about best friends is no matter what we do to them-- good or bad. It would always turn out to be funny. More often, hilarious. To be clear, remember those moments where your best friend took you seriously, however it turned out otherwise. This  happens in every friendship. Do you remember your best friend’s birthday and you were expected to give him/her a present. What did you give? Chances are the gift was low on utility and high on teasing. Fact is we have never been serious about gifts for our best friends! But weddings are different pal. We have to be serious about the gift for our best friend who is getting married soon. So what are your options? Wedding cakes are solution to your problem.
Before I tell you the options let me tell you why it’s important to be serious. In one word-- sister-in-law-to-be! You need to make an impression, don’t you have to? Sorry to spoil your plan, if you were going to give them a dinner set or a simple bouquet! The wedding cakes below are going to make you a star at your friend’s wedding.
Let’s start with the options you have -

Classic chocolate Cake

If you want to keep your wedding cake easy on flavor and high on looks, go for this one. These come in a wide variety of designs from simple round cakes to sophisticated mirror glaze cakes. You would get a brownie point if any of the two- bride or groom, loves chocolate flavour.
To save yourself from the trouble of carrying it around the wedding venue, call an online cake delivery service and get it delivered right at the wedding venue.

Ferrero Rocher Choco Cake
If you want to take chocolate flavour and woo chocolate lovers, there can not be a better option than this wedding cake. Chocolate maniacs dig Ferrero Rocher! Ferrero Rocher is a classic chocolate, a favourite among kids! Years ago, only the rich could enjoy this. Now it’s available all across India. So getting your hands on this premium cake is easier.
The ease of availability of this cake can be measured from the fact that it’s available in cities like Bhopal too. Again to save yourself from the trouble of having to carry this lovely cake around, order it online. In case you miss out, you can also get this cake delivered at midnight, whether you are in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and even Bhopal.   

Rose Wedding Cake

Weddings are holy matrimonies which celebrate the divine emotion of love. And where there’s love, there are roses. One of the reasons you should only order this wedding cake is if your best friend is having a love marriage.  It’s quite logical, isn’t? I would again suggest you to order this lovely cake from an online cake store. To keep things convenient.

Tiered Rose Cake  

This is a huge cake. It has two layers (tiers ) and looks amazing. One of the reasons you should order this cake is if one of the two--bride or groom--is fond of cakes. Another reason is if you are planning to feed every guest at the wedding a mouthwatering piece of cake.

This is a tiered cake so obviously carrying this cake around would not be a cake walk, instead it would be terrifying to say the least. So let the experts do the job. Order it from an online store, and they will sort it out for you.    

I think these are ample options for you to choose from, and hope this would help you find the best wedding gift for your best friend. So go on order one right now!

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