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Black Forest Cakes You Must Try!

What’s life without a black forest cake? Life is plain, simple, and not delicious. This might sound a little exaggerated, but believe me if you ask an ardent black forest cake lover, he/she wouldn’t deny it. We, black forest lovers (yes, we have our own cult!), have a special bond with it. And this is one reason we always go for black forest cakes irrespective of how many options we have when it comes to cakes. So I would like to invite you to be a part of this fraternity and join this cult of black forest cake lovers.

Here are the five cakes that we absolutely adore and relish time and again. So if you want to be a part of us, sample these first!

Classic Black Forest Cake

I am sure you have sampled this one. Thick layers of cream fluffy bread are covered in chocolate. Eat a piece and I can bet that you would loose yourself to the melting cake in your mouth. If you have tried a black forest cake before, this must have been the one.

Black Forest Cherry Heart Cake
In addition to the thick chocolate shavings and cream frosting, this one is decorated with maraschino cherries. You would be delighted to see the red cherries evenly spread on the brown chocolate chips, and you would be more delighted when the smooth taste of cherries mixes with the chocolate in your mouth. I would also advise you here, to order cakes online, as you would have an opportunity to find more options when it comes to cherry cake.

Black Forest Cream Cake

If you’re fond of cream and chocolate, believe me, there can’t be a better combination of taste. The buttery texture of cream flatters your taste buds while chocolate cake melts in your mouth. You can find this delicious and buttery cake at all online store as as well as bakeries.

Choco Black Forest
This black forest cake is loaded with chocolate. From the layers between fluffy bread to the top of the cake, this cake is literally has chocolate dripping down. You can easily lick off the chocolate from this cake. If you are an ardent chocolate, the choco black forest cake is a must-try!

Black Forest Crunch

This one has crispy chocolate shavings on top. While you enjoy the melting bread in your mouth, you can take bites of the crispy chocolate chips. I can bet this unconventional yet delicious cake would sweep you off your feet.Well, those were the four black forest cakes that I recommend you to sample, if you haven’t sampled them yet. I would also recommend you to use online cake delivery service , which is available across all metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, etc. And if you didn’t know, these stores also offer midnight cake delivery that you can available during those forgetful times. Your cake will be delivered at
your doostep by midnight.

If you have already tried the above cakes, share your experience with us.

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