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Cafe lovers want something new this weekend? Try buttercream Gateaux

Are you a cafe person? I mean whose favorite place to hangout is a cafe redolent with freshly baked buns and brewed coffee. Most cafe lovers like to sit at a table with a book and sip coffee. More often than not, their coffee is accompanied by a piece of cake or a lovely cup cake. For bookworms, this is a common ritual. If you are one, you would totally relate to this.

Let me come to the point. Do you always order the same cake? Or the baker at cafe is too familiar with you to offer you the same cake? Regardless, I am sure you would not deny to sample a new cake. You may have tried this, but you can expect a new reasons to sample this.
If you are bored of having red velvet ( the classic cafe lover’s choice) or raspberry, this is a must try, at least for change. Without further ado-- it’s buttercream gateaux.

It‘s available at most cafes and even online cake stores. Those who love it more than other cakes, have a rather convenient option to order cake online in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other tier one cities.   

What is a gateaux?
Gateaux is a rich cake containing layers of cream. In case of buttercream gateaux, the layers are made of buttercream.

Why am I asking you to try buttercream gateaux?

Usually, a cake lover or someone who frequents cafe doesn’t need a reason to try a fresh bake, but I will still give you reasons.  If you already know how satiating this buttery delight is, go order a buttercream gateaux.  In case you’re unfamiliar with online and midnight cake delivery in Delhi and other popular cities of India, we will talk about this later. First, let me tell you why should try buttercream gateaux on your next visit to a cafe.  

Lingering buttery aftertaste

Firstly, you would enjoy this change in ritual (a break from regular cakes). Secondly, the multiple layers of buttercream would coat your tongue with its  buttery texture which would linger in your mouth for hours. So irrespective of the reason of your visit, to read the book which you have been planning to read for a long time or on a date, a new taste would be great.

It would be a good conversation starter  

If you are accompanied by a companion or a date, this buttercream gateaux would be a conversation starter. You can simply order  for your date, and see if he/she likes it. You would flattered with a compliment if he/she likes and you would earn your next date. As a I said, this could also break the ice if you are shy.

Your next super-liked customary Instagram post
Let’ face it. Our cafe visits are followed by taking photos for Instagram.That’s mandatory. You know what would be awkward?  If you keep posting same ‘ol cake photos. This time you would have buttery gateaux, every followers would drool over!

Order butter gateaux online

Lastly, you can order this scrumptious cake online, since most stores offer online cake delivery.

If you know about midnight cake delivery in Noida, Gurgaon, and other cities, this could be another reason to be happy. Why? If you know someone who loves cake dearly, a never-tried cake on his /her birthday would you make him/her love more.
So that is it for buttercream gateaux. Now, if you are craving for a mouthwatering piece of cake, you know what to order! Pick up your phone to call your nearest cafe or log on to your favorite online cake store to order one.

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