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Photo cakes to Cheer up Kids on their Special Days

Cheering kids up these days is a seemingly impossible task these days. No amount of pampering seems enough in front of tech treats like smart phones, ipods, ipads, PS and other such gadgets. However, there are cakes that cheer up kids almost instantly and brighten up their day and smile. There are several cakes which come in different shapes and sizes of cartoon characters which cheer up kids. We provide Online Cake Delivery Delhi, Take a look at the following cakes and decide which one will cheer your kid the most. Here you go!

  • Chota Bheem Face Cake -- This is a regular rectangular cake with the face of Chota Bheem on it. This is essentially a photo cake. So you can order a cake in any flavour and have Chota Bheem face on it. This is a popular photo cake, so you will find it easily available at bakeries near you. If you want to keep this cake a surprise for your kid order this cake from an online cake store.

Chota Bheem Face Cake

  • Ninja Hattori Photo Cake -- Ninja Hattori is a popular cartoon character among kids. This cake too is available at most cafes and online cake stores. However, make sure that you order this cake a few days in advance. You can opt for midnight online cake delivery service offered by most online cake stores to keep it convenient. Ninja Hattori Photo Cake


  • Barbie-Shaped Cake-- This is a barbie-shaped pink coloured cake. If your little girl is fascinated with this epitome of beauty, this cake would be perfect surprise for her special day. You can order this cake for her birthday and for days when she surprise you with her talent. This cake takes a little time to prepare, so make sure that you order this cake in advance.

Barbie-Shaped Cake

  • Tom & Jerry Photo Cake-- This is another photo cake with the all time favourite cartoon characters Tom & Jerry. If you have trouble finding out your child’s favourite cartoon character, you can never go wrong with this choice.

Tom & Jerry Photo Cake

  • Kung fu Panda Cake-- This photo cake has Kung fu Panda in the kicking posture. Similar to the one on the Kung fu movie poster. If your child is a fan of this interesting and humorous character, this cake would be an adorable surprise for your kid.


  • Fiery Goku Dragon Ball Z Cake -- If your child is older than 10 years, chances are your child likes this action packed alien saga. Goku is a favourite superhero among millions of kids and teenagers around the world. If your child counts Goku or any Dragon Ball Z character as his/her favourite character. This cake would be a perfect cake for his/her special day.

All the above cakes are available easily at bakeries. However, make sure that you order the cake a few days in advance, as photo cakes take time to be prepared. If you’re living in a metropolitian city like Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, you can  order these cakes online and get these cakes delivered right at your doorstep.

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