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Cake ideas for wedding and anniversary

Cakes and weddings are almost synonymous. In fact if one does a survey then I wouldn’t be surprised to find that cakes are the most popular food in the whole planet. Take any event you would notice that there is a relevance of cake, but when it comes to weddings and anniversaries they acquire special significance. Cakes are sweet, soft and so pleasant to see and feel- basically everything that weddings and anniversaries stand for.

The most popular kind of cakes that are sold in anniversaries are rose-type cakes. They are just normal cakes which have a beautiful carvings resembling rose on the top. The makers of cake create several varieties with it to suit the taste and desire of the client. The lovers and couples mostly prefer the red rose layer. This kind of cake is popular with families too and they most prefer the white roses. When it comes to the ingredients there are several choices like chocolates, black forest, vanilla, cream etc. If you live in a metropolitan city like Delhi, one of the good things that you get is to have cake these delivered online.  You would be surprised to know that online cake stores now offer a service like midnight online cake delivery. This  service allows you to order cakes in the middle of the night and get them delivered right at you doorstep!

In the contemporary Western society whenever there is a wedding the wedding cake is graciously kept at the reception and every guest a served a slice. Since, kids are quite fond of cakes the rush at the reception for cakes by them creates quite a spectacle. There is also a cultural reason behind keeping and serving cakes. People believe that wedding and anniversary cakes are a good luck charm and it brings happiness to the family, couple and everyone who becomes part of the weddings. However, things seem to be changing lately and fondness for cakes seem to be depleting as some people are not serving cakes anymore. Rather they are keeping just a special cake for the couple and guests are not served cakes. If you are looking for ideas for a wedding or  anniversary, here are some of the popular options-
Beloved  Chocolate Cake-
Wedding and anniversary celebrate the divine emotion of love, so what could be better than a heart-shaped cake? If you are a guest, try giving your host this lovely cake as present. The other thing is the goodness of chocolate that everybody can indulge in!  Try surprising your loved one by placing an online cake delivery order.   

Furbished Choco Butter Scotch

This cake combines the goodness of chocolate and the exquisite butterscotch flavour. With a base full of chocolate, this cake would be a delight for chocolate lovers! This cake has butterscotch  chips sprinkled on whipped cream icing that makes it look very yummy!
Needless to say, this would be a delightful present for a couple  loves this flavour.

You can get this lovely cake at most stores.

If you’re in Delhi, to keep it convenient get it from a store that offers online cake delivery in Delhi. It would be pleasant experience to say the least.

Chocolate Fruit Cake

Fruits dipped in chocolate are a treat to the taste buds! The chocolate fruit cake offers exactly this unforgettable flavour. Enjoy this cake as part of a wedding or anniversary celebration, or gift this lovely cake who likes to indulge in fruit-dipped-chocolate flavour. Get them delivered instantly or in the middle on the night with online cake delivery in Delhi service.

Other Cakes

Other cakes that you can try for wedding and anniversaries are Italian Almond Cake, 5 Star Chocolate Truffle, Magnificent Pine Apple Cake, and more.

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