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At Cake On Time, we offer more than cakes

Cake On Time is an online boutique cake shop. It’s similar to a cafe or a bakery but offers convenience of an ecommerce store with its quick delivery service. The store offers its services in cities such as Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and smaller cities such as Bhopal and Indore. Baking has evolved over the years like any other art. However, the access to some of the delicious and flavoursome cakes was restricted to people who visit bakeries or cafes often. At Cake On Time, we’re trying to offer access to these cakes. From common flavours to sophisticated ones, we’re making cakes available to all.

As mentioned earlier, Cake On Time offers delivery service in smaller cities as well and is gradually expanding to other parts of the country. This delivery, unlike other delivery service, offers customers get their ordered items at midnight. This is a respite for people who often don’t have the time to go shopping for cakes, which is important for people to maintain a balanced life and nurture their relationships with family and friends. Baked items are perishable which demands utmost delivery care to keep the items fresh, and we make it possible by using top-notch packaging.

Cake On Time offers midnight cake delivery service in Bhopal and Indore as well.

Gamut of cakes

Most online cake stores have a niche audience, which basically arises from the fact that they offer cakes prepared by them. It also means lack of variety and flavours.  At Cake On Time, we have partnered with small and reputed chain of bakeries to add a wide variety of cakes. Our assortment of cakes include basic chocolate cakes to tiered and mirror glaze cakes. This also helps us to deliver cakes fast to our customers by being in their vicinity. To make it convenient for customers, the website offers numerous occasion-based categories under which one can find wide variety of cakes.

Making gifting a less pain

Gifting has been a painstaking task for many years. The selection part is the most difficult. Cake On Time offers combo packages for most occasions. When you are tired and do not feel like venturing out, you can browse through the catalogue of almost a million choices. So we’re saving people from tiring themselves out by walking the aisles of bakeries without compromising on the number or quality of gifts they can have. In addition to religious and cultural  occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more, Cake On Time also offers cakes for wedding, anniversaries, making it extremely easy to choose a cake.

All in all, in addition to helping our customers with numerous choices,  we try to serve them by a prompt delivery service. This helps in encouraging customers to see cakes not just as a occasional food but also as a gifting option, to promote gifting in a country like India.

We add cakes every day. It’s our constant endeavor to take Cake On Time to people who still see cakes as a rich man’s delight and luxury for themselves. We want cakes to become a mainstream gift.

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