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Cakes & flowers : the gift combination made in heaven

Do you know the way to a woman’s heart? Gifts! Not just any gift, but a combination of beautiful flowers and sweet cakes. Okay, not every woman would love the idea of a cake and flower, but you can’t deny the fact that when they are mad at you, these are most supportive to rescue from such situations. Anyway, we can discuss more about how cakes & flowers are ideal gifts for women. But before that, let me tell you a few reasons that has led to the growing popularity of cakes & flowers in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bhopal and other tier 2 cities.

Among the reasons, the first one is the growing number of independent youth. For some this could be a hilarious reason, but this is true.  Unlike the past decade, when the  life of most individuals was still controlled by their parents until their marriage. The current generation of the youth is more independent financially, psychologically, emotionally, where they can make their own decisions. Choosing a life partner is one of those. The youth is on a experimentation spree. The result is frequent breakups and makeups, and work in-between. This hardly leaves time to go shopping for gifts. This is rightly where beautiful flowers & lovely cakes come to the rescue.  

The other reason is the growing number of online cake stores that offer service like midnight cake delivery among other services. The flourishing e-commerce industry in India is making this possible. In fact, this industry is now so well-established in the country that cities like Bhopal and Indore, now offer online cake delivery through numerous online stores.

Here are a few reasons that make this service worthwhile-

Fresh & fragrant

One of the reasons that can deter you  from buying cakes & flowers from an online store is lack of freshness. Believe me when I say, these stores sell completely fresh flowers. The reason being these stores don’t keep flowers with themselves. They make deliver it you from the closest florist near the customer. These stores have tied up with florists all across the city. So no matter where you are in Delhi, Gurgaon, or Noida. You can get them to deliver flowers & cakes right at your doorstep.

Plethora of varieties available
From water lilies to lavender to tulips, you will find almost all varieties of flowers. If you are in Bhopal and thinking to gift lavender to your wife on her anniversary, you won’t have trouble finding. Simply, go to an online store and browse through the numerous  beautiful lavenders available. All you have to do is buy and your partner would love you even more.

Quick delivery

As you can imagine, delivery in case of cakes is trickier. Since cakes & flowers are perishable items. These stores take care of this. So that you can enjoy fresh and delicious cakes while you marvel at the fragrant flowers. The delivery is quick, which saves you a lot of time. As you already know about midnight cake  delivery, this  service is available all across India.

Awesome customer service

One of the spectacular reasons to buy cakes & flowers from an online store is the awesome customer service. Just like any ecommerce business, these online stores take care that you their customers are served well with cakes that  are fresh and loaded with flavors. At the same time making them order it any hour of the day!

So what are you waiting for? You already know that cake& flowers are treasured by women like precious antiques. Go ahead and buy your partner a lovely pair and make their moment more lovable and memorable.

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