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Cakes you haven’t heard about!

We get busy and life passes by! It’s easy to miss out on the little things that we love and appreciate, but we hardly take time out for them. One of these little things is a cake-- sweet little bundle of memories. If you look back, a lot of our memories for some of the big celebrations have been created around these little pieces of happiness. Take out photo album and you will see cake-smeared faces. If you‘re anything thing like us, these pictures will bring a smile on your face. What am I getting at?

These little pieces of happiness have come a long way and there are innumerable flavours that you can try! Without further ado, I will give you a list of 5 cakes that most probably you haven’t tasted and are perfect for making any celebration into a memorable one! So here you go!

Classic Chocolate Truffle Cakes-- The name says it all. These cakes can never go out of fashion.Firstly, because people will never stop loving chocolate. Secondly, people starting loving chocolate sooner or later at one point of time. These are perfect for any occasion-- birthday,wedding anniversaries, and even an impromptu get-together.

If you’re living in a metropolitan city like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc, you can also avail online cake delivery service. In case, you are one of those forgetful types, you can use midnight cake delivery service to order cakes almost instantly.

Tiered Cake-- These are fondant covered cute multi-tiered cakes. Perfect for grand celebrations like weddings. Since fondants, giving them adorable looks, these are best suited for children
birthday celebrations. These are available at most online cake stores. However, some of them might be able to available at a short notice. So make sure you place the order for these lovely cakes a week in advance. In case, you to want order it for a surprise, use online cake delivery service, as carrying this cake could be inconvenient.

Rose Cakes -- These cakes are characterized by presence of any resemblance to roses. Some of these have the fragrance of rose , while a few of them are shaped in the form of a rose.Needless to say, very well-suited for romantic occasions like wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Fruit Cakes -- Filled with the goodness of fresh fruits, these are filled with the aroma and the juice of fresh fresh fruits. If you know someone who is very particular about their food choices,these cakes would be a wonderful choice. You health conscious friend might want to have a mouthful of these cakes!

Pineapple Cake-- These cakes have the aroma and deliciousness of a pine apples. If you knowsomeone who is particularly fond of pine apples, there can’t be a better cake than pine apple cakes. Most online cake stores have these, in addition to fresh fruit cakes. So order this for the special day of your pine apple-loving friend.

In addition, to the above five cakes, there’s raspberry, red velvet, blueberry and more. You can find more of these on any online cake store. You will find online cake delivering in Noida, Delhi,Gurgaon, and other big cities.

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