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Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary with Special Cakes

Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary with Special Cakes

Weddings grab a lot of attention in India, and why should not they? After all that grandeur celebrations, numerous ceremonies, designer clothes, thematic decorations, and other countless things, weddings are the best occasions to go crazy. We all want our weddings to be worth remembering and that is why we go to heights to make sure that they are memorable. People spend so much money on the arrangements, caterers, wedding planners etc. to make it special. There are a lot of things that needs to be managed to make a wedding spectacular and extravagant. Once the wedding gets over along with the reception then the next destination of celebration for the newly wedded couple, is their first marriage anniversary. Of course after 12 months of marriage, this is the first thing that comes to everybody's mind. You need to make your first marriage anniversary a special one too because this sets the bench mark for the rest of your anniversaries and everybody wants to see the newly wedded couple together. So to make a good impression on a lot of guests, you need to start planning for first anniversary in an organized way. You need to take care of each and small detail that can make your better half feel special and the guests can also find that completely adorable.

How to order cake online for your first anniversary?

We all know that we start all the pompous occasions from cutting the cake and it has become a tradition these days. So your first marriage anniversary deserves a special cake which should be incredible in taste and appearance. There are various online sites which deliver cakes at your doorstep of you order them online. All you have to do is go the official website of the cake delivering company, then open the home page. On that page, you will get the images of various types and sizes of cakes that you could order on your anniversary. The details regarding those cakes are also available on the page and you can order the cake, that you think is best suited for the occasion.

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How to make sure that the order will be delivered on time?

If you have ordered your anniversary cake online, then you need to make sure that you have mentioned the delivery date and time rightly. You yourself can receive the order at the venue on time or you can also make someone to receive it for you. The payment for that order could be made online or you can make it after receiving the delivery too. The cakes are even delivered in Delhi at the same date when they are ordered, all you got to do is fill the details right. You can download the picture of the cake that you have ordered and keep it for cross referencing that you have received exactly the same cake. You will find the ordering process very easy and convenient.

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Different types of cakes that you can order:-

There are different kind of cakes that are available online and you can make the best pick that you want, from them. Some types of special cakes are mentioned below:-

* Red rose cake:- This is our best pick for those love struck people who are about to celebrate their first anniversary or valentines, etc. These cakes are mostly heart shaped and ideal for such occasions like anniversary. They are basically made of chocolate fondue or strawberry flavor.

* Photo cake:- These kind of cakes contain a picture of the person whose big it being celebrated. These pictures will remind you of any memory that you are very fond of and these cakes are basically of chocolate flavor.

* Fruit cake:- These cakes are filled with the various kind of fruits cut into tiny little pieces and the uper layer of such cake is made up of creme. These are very yummy cakes for fruit lovers and for those who do not like chocolate cakes.

* Anniversary cake (2 or 3 tier):- These anniversary cakes are made 2 or 3 tier according to the requirements of the couple and these are authentic cakes for celebrating the first marriage anniversary of a couple.

So you can order any kind of cake you want and celebrate the year of happy and successful marriage life with your soul mate.

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