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Celebrate Indian Independence Day with these cakes

Indian Independence Day is around the corner and most people are looking forward to a long weekend. Almost everyone is planning to go travel in the coming fews, while some want to attend the jubilant display of India’s achievement at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. In one way or the other, everyone wants to have fun.  While these are two of the most common ways, this post will tell you an exciting new way to celebrate  Indian Independence Day and enjoy. Without further ado, let me reveal this new exciting way-- cakes!  Cakes aren’t new, but celebrating Independence day with cakes is definitely new. Since cakes are easily available online these days, you can order them fast. Which cakes should you order on Independence Day? Go for the following ones:

Chocolate Truffle -- This is a classic Chocolate flavour cake. This one is loaded with the goodness of chocolate. Since chocolate is liked by almost everyone, this cake is perfect if you want to have friends come over and celebrate the Independence day with them. For people living in Delhi, availing online cake delivery in Delhi service offered by online cake stores would be a good choice.

Choco Vanilla-- This is another exciting flavour. A mix of two authentic favours -- vanilla and choco. Whether you’re a vanilla lover or chocolate lover, or if you love both. This cake would tickle your taste buds unlike anything.  Again, this cake is available at every online cake store. For convenience, you can order this cake from an online cake store and make use of online cake delivery in Delhi service.

Classic Pineapple Cake -- This cake is an example of how Pineapples can be best served. An eclectic combination of pineapples and whipped cream, each bite of this cake would make you feel very good. If you are a pineapple lover,  there can’t be a better cake than this. This cake is easily available at leading online cake stores and bakeries. To make the best use online stores, order this cake to avail online cake delivery in Delhi service.

Choco Black Forest Cake-- This is a perfect cake to enjoy on Independence Day. If chocolate delights you, this would be an exciting cake to have. This cake is loaded with chocolate shavings. In between layers of fluffy cake, the cream is absolutely delightful. This cake is an all time favourite among chocolate lovers, and is available at every bakery, cafe, and online cake store. For people living in and around Delhi, it’s best to order from an online store and avail online cake  delivery in Delhi service and get this cake delivered at the doorstep.

Tri colour cakes-- Yes, you read that right. There are tri-coloured cakes too.  Generally, not available as ready-to-serve, and need to ordered in advance. If you’re filled with the feeling of patriotism and are planning for a flag hoisting ceremony , go for this one. Don’t forget to place order this cake in advance. Use an online cake store to order and avail online cake delivery in Delhi service , if you live close to Delhi.


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