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Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with These Five Cakes

Buying gifts for Raksha Bandhan is a conundrum. Though there are several options for gifts, there is nothing better than cakes. Delicious, scrumptious, and flavorful cakes that do not have the option to not be liked. Can gifts get any better? To get you started on the type of cakes you can order for Raksha Bandhan, here are the five cakes you can go for.

Cheese Cake -- These yummy cakes are favourite among women. If your sister is particularly fond of this yummy cake, you should definitely order this cake for Raksha Bandhan. Or, you can simply order this cake for a surprise gift for your sister


Classic Chocolate Cake: This is a cake you should order if you want to treat your whole family and not just your sister to a delicious and chocolate rich cake. If you are having guests over at your place, this would be a truly awesome cake to order and treat all of them to delicious Chocolate flavoured cake. This cake is widely available across India and you will find it at almost every bakery and cake store. However, it is best if you order this cake from an online cake store and avail cake delivery in Delhi ( if you are resident of Delhi). Additionally, you will find great discount offers on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

chocolate cakes

Blueberry Cake: This cake is a little different in taste, and has a cult following because its quirky taste. If you haven’t tried this cake before, you can sample this cake on Raksha Bandhan if you’re in for a adventure. Have your sister try this cake or any other relative and see them react to the quirky taste of this cake. If you live in and around Delhi, it is best order this cake from an online cake store. You will find a multitude of variants of this cake. Plus, online cake delivery in Delhi is a great service which would deliver the cake at your doorstep.

Butterscotch Cake: Butterscotch chips make this cake flavoursome. If you or your sister love Butterscotch flavour in general, there can’t be a better cake than this. Butterscotch is a classic flavour, so you don’t have to worry about spoiling the taste of anyone, if you are having guests over at your place.  Order this cake for Raksha Bandhan without worry.


Pineapple Cake: This is one of the most delicious cakes on this list. Rich in the goodness of pineapple and fluffiness of  its bread, this cake would be perfect for a surprise if your sister is a pineapple lover. To get the best taste of this cake, accompany each bite with a slice of pineapple. The juicy slices  of pineapple


For people living in Delhi, Online cake delivery in Delhi offered by online stores is a perfect way to order this cake. These Stores also offer discounts on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, so you will save some money which you can use to indulge in other delicacies or buy gifts for your sister

So choose from one of the above cakes and you will have a merrier Raksha Bandhan. Enjoy with these small bites of heaven



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