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Celebrating your kid’s birthday? Here are a few popular fondant cake options

Celebrating a kid’s birthday allows us to be kids again. The only difference is when we were  young we had the privilege to be pampered, and we would be less exhausted. Now that we’re adults and it’s upon us to give the best care to kids we can’t back off from giving them the best childhood. Celebrating their birthdays is a big part of it. As parents, there’s nothing more we cherish than the birth of our kids. So if you have your kid’s birthday coming up, I would assume that you would like to celebrate it with joy. And where there’s a birthday, there’s a cake.  For a kid’s birthday, there is a small cake cutting ceremony that every guest wait for. This is the major attraction of any kid’s birthday. The cake gets all the attention! So as parents we need to choose this cake very carefully because just any cake won’t work!
So how do you go about it? If it’s your kid’s first birthday choosing a cake would be going to be even more hard. Everything is difficult at first, you see. If you’re clueless about this, below are a few options for kid’s birthday cake. Follow on!

Fondant Cakes

Before I tell you the options, let me tell you what is fondant. Fondant is an icing made from sugar, water, gelatin, and glycerol. Before you ask if it is edible, yes it is. Unlike, whipped cream or glaze, fondant gives cakes a cute look, which is perfect for kids.

The most common fondant cakes are Barbie Fondant cake, Choota Bhim Fondant Cake, so basically you can get almost all popular cartoon characters in the form cakes.

Another thing I’d like to add here is to order fondant cakes online. You would save yourself from the trouble of carrying it around. The folks from the store deliver it right at your doorstep. Needless to say, in case, you forget to order, the online stores that offer cake delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida also provide  midnight cake delivery too. So you are safe.  
Photo Cakes

These are quite popular. You can have a photograph of your kid, or your kid’s favorite cartoon or superhero character  printed on a cake. It would be joyous for him to say the least.
Classic White Forest & Black Forest Cake

These are classic cakes for reason. And the reason is they are loved by all, regardless of age and gender. In case, choosing a birthday cake for your kid is giving you a hard time. White Forest & Black Forest Cake would be the safest options.
Number & Alphabet cakes
These are special cakes. As you might have guessed, the number cakes are cake baked in the shape of a number. This number is your kid’s age. For instance, if your kid is turning two, his/her cake would be shaped 2.
Similarly, you can also get cakes baked in the shape of the initials of your kid’s name. For instance your kid’s name is James, the cake could be shaped as ‘J’.

Butter Scotch

Let’s suppose you don’t find any of the cakes above. Your fall back option is Butter Scotch cake.
Like the classic White Forest & Black Forest, Butter Scotch is a regular yet favorite among most people including cakes.
Crispy Butterscotch chips and caramel taste is a great option to rely on, to make everybody’s taste bud satisfied.
So did you like the options above? We hope that we helped in some way. Now go buy one of these and make your kid’s birthday joyous.

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