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How to cheer up your partner on their Wedding Anniversaries

Admit that it’s hard to remember Wedding Anniversaries. If men didn’t have Google calendar, it would have been terrible for them to remember any occasion. This is equally terrible for women to remember Wedding anniversary. Work does that to you. Irrespective of whether man or woman, forgetting wedding anniversary, can make the other partner bitter. So how do you deal with it? This post will tell you to how to cheer your partner, if they are upset because you forgot your wedding anniversary or otherwise. So here you go--


1 Plan an office surprise treat-- Nothing cheers an upset person than happy surprises. If your partner is a working professional, you can plan a surprise treat for him/her and send a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates. Nothing cheers a person more than a good surprise of chocolates and flowers in a mundane office atmosphere. So try this and see your partner mellow down. You can find combo Wedding Anniversary packages at online cake stores which you can also get delivered right at your partner’s office doorstep.

  1. Plan an endearing date-- Married couples often forget to take out time and enjoy each other’s company. Wedding anniversaries are meant to revive the love and romance lost in daily work. You can plan surprise date with your partner on wedding anniversary.
  2. Host a surprise get-together-- If your partner is a social person, a small get-together would cheer her up. Order her favourite cake from an online cake store and some snacks. Invite few of her close friends, and this get-together will cheer her up and make up for forgetting the wedding anniversary. You can get wedding anniversary cakes delivered at your doorstep.
  3. Order your partner’s favourite cake: Nothing is more delightful than to see your favourite food. With this thought in mind, you can order your partner’s cake and get it delivered. This will surely mellow your partner, and if you do it right by sending her favourite are going to earn the title of ‘best husband ever’.You will find a variety of cakes on online cake stores. Most of them also have special wedding anniversary cakes and online delivery service which is meant just for this.
  4. Plan an intimate home date: What if you don’t have the budget for a get-together or a dinner? Well, you can plan an intimate dinner for just the two of you. Home- cooked spaghetti, a deliciously baked cake, and aromatic candles would set a perfect setting for a romantic dinner at home.Alternatively, in case if you don’t have the time to bake a cake, you can use online cake delivery service to order a special wedding anniversary cake. If you live in cities such as New Delhi, Gurgaon, or Noida, you would easily find online stores which offer doorstep delivery of cakes.


So there you have five ways to cheer your partner on their wedding anniversary.Well, keep yourself ready because more often than not men always upset when it comes to anniversaries.

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