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How to choose the perfect cake for an occasion

How to choose the perfect cake for an occasion

Choosing a cake for an occasion might seem easy, but it’s not. Since all we are required to do is order a cake online or make a short phone call to place an order. Generally, people like to order a favorite flavor and believe that they have ordered the perfect cake. It’s could be true, if you are ordering a cake for yourself. However, if you ordered it as gift for someone, it takes a lot more than just being a favorite flavor to be the perfect cake for an occasion. To help you choose the perfect cake for an occasion, we listed below a few tips you can use--

Consider the shape of a cake
Yes, cakes are now available in more than one shape. Shapes in which cakes are available are as diverse as the flavors. However, not all cake shapes are available at every bakery, since special baking equipments are required for such shapes. In addition to this, baking cakes in shapes other than circular require special culinary skills which only a few bakers are adept at. So, you might have to shop around to find a cake shape.
Further, you can try specialty online bakery stores, where cakes are available in different shapes along a variety of flavors.

Consider the decoration of a cake
Whether you place an online cake delivery order or pick up your cake in-person, make sure you get the decoration as per the occasion. For instance, if you are sending a cake as a gift to your partner on a valentine’s day, red and white colored cakes suit the occasion and rose- shaped-icing add to the elegance of the cake. For birthdays, photo cakes work the best. Photo cakes have been in trend lately and can now be delivered within 24- 48 hours upon placing an online cake delivery order.  Just make sure that you get picture of the birthday person printed on the cake, or you can try getting their favorite fictional characters printed on the cake, or you can simply have a shared happy moment picture together. You can also try photo cakes for Valentine’s Day too. Moreover, there are doll cakes (which resemble Barbie)available at cake stores, to make your valentine feel cared-about.

Other than round cakes, you can order cakes in other fancy shapes such as a cricket bat, star, a parrot and others.  Since cakes are available in customized shapes, corporate celebrations would turn more delightful if you order cake in the shape of company’s logo, or a mascot (if the company has any).

Consider the flavor of the cake
Choosing the best flavor is the most important part in getting the perfect cake for an occasion. If the celebration involves a large number of guests, choose either a vanilla cake or a chocolate cake, since it’s liked by almost everyone.Also make it a point to order an eggless cake, since the guest list might have a lot of vegans, and you wouldn’t them to be derived of the pleasure of having a good piece of cake. However, if you are planning a small get together, decide on a flavor among your friends, family or peers. Like I mentioned, do not forget to place online cake delivery order, where you might even get discounts!
I hope you like the tips above, and it helps you choose the perfect cake for your occasion.

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