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A Delhiwallah’s Guide to choosing the perfect gift for every occasion

Delhi is synonymous with celebrations. This city, the heart of India, is packed with celebrations all year round. During all this time, one of the major problems that Delhiwallahs encounter is finding the perfect gift for every occasion. Well it won’t be a problem anymore! This guide gives a list of gifts that you can buy for each occasion—right from festivals to familial to other celebrations.
The gifts are mainly cake & flowers; however, this guide lists particular cakes perfect for every occasion and why they are so. Services like online cake delivery in Delhi is one of the reasons why cakes are a good option for gifts, given the hectic lifestyle of people in Delhi have. Let’s get started-
Cakes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with as much vigor as other religiously festival like Diwali. A part of this reason is the large youth population of Delhi and the culture here fast catching up with western countries. So, what’re your gift options for Valentine’s Day gift?
First, you have the classic chocolate truffle cakeladenwith the goodness of chocolate chips. If you want this cake to be even more awesome buy one with chocolate shavings.
If you want make this more romantic, which we know you want to, send a bouquet of red roses. If you want to make it a surprise of your partner, try placing an online cake delivery in Delhi order!
Cakes for Christmas  

Christmas is celebrated with a lot of fervor. Obviously, this fervor doesn’t match to the celebrations in India or other western countries, but it’s no less in Delhi. Christmas is quite popular among the youth here since it offers a day free from work and to enjoy.
So, what are your options for Christmas gifts?
We suggest that you buy white forest cake. While you enjoy the cold breeze of the winter, you relish the sweet white forest cake, snuggled in the arms of your partner or a hot cup of coffee. While you’re in Delhi, you may not have plans for Christmas eve, but don’t worry, call up one of the ecommerce stores and a white forest cake would be delivered right at your door step with their online Cake delivery in Delhi service
Cakes for birthdays

This needs no introduction, we all attend birthdays all around the year. Sometimes we’re a guest while other times we can be found organizing one of our friends and family. The best option for a birthday gift is to buy the birthday person’s favorite flavor. First, it would make the person extremely happy and even if there are left overs it can be used by the birthday person. You have to be very selective about it. Since there are some many birthday cake options—butter scotch cake, cheese cake, red velvet cake and many more. So it really depends on what the person likes the most. If you’re planning a surprise for a friend, do try the online cake delivery in Delhi service offered by e-commerce stores and cafes here.

So do you agree that we have given a list of the best gifts that you can buy for an occasion while you’re in Delhi? You see we’re a little biased when it comes cakes :)

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