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How to Design The Cake at Home | Cake on Time

How to Design The Cake at Home

If you love designing and baking then designing a cake is the best option for you. The main benefit of these types of business is that you don’t require any sort of special investment or large scale investment. The baking skills that are required come from within an individual. For entrepreneurs not a big team is required but as your business flourishes you can expand your team and flourish your business.

There is no rule as such for designing cakes at home but you should be aware of well sanitation and if you wish you can also collaborate with some good bakery companies or clients who can help you with this. In Delhi NCR area cake delivery system is in vogue now-a –days.

Tips for flourishing your business online:

  • Take permission from a food handler: As we have mentioned earlier also there is no such hard and fast rule for baking cakes at home or cake designing at home but you should take proper permission (Hard Copy) from an eligible Food handler. They will do inspection time to time of your company so that they can make sure that the food items that you are providing are healthy and are matching all the parameters of the prescribed health codes.
  • Make collaborations with bakeries near you: By this technique you can get help in expanding your career in cake designing more and more. If you make collaborations with the bakeries or freelancers near you they can help in reaching out your product from places to places. They can reach to maximum number of customers. Like this you can prove your skills to grab great mass of people.
  • Do advertisement and business cards: By printing business cards with your contact detail you can also advertise your business and market yourself. Your skills will reach out to people so that they can know about you and your business more and more. Hand over your business cards to your potential customers so that they can refer you to other clients.
  • Target small audience: Try to target regional audience first so that they know about your business and your products that you are providing. Try to advertise yourself through social media and online news portals that work in small areas.
  • Make a website: Make a website so that you can upload your new cake designs. You can also attach a URL of your business card, address of your home and other contact details for increasing the accessibility.

How to design cake at home:

Let us know discuss about the designing of cake at home

Tips to decorate Cake at home:

  • Start decorating your cake with a flat top, this increases the beauty of the cake and once you are done you should more to further more designs.
  • To make a crown like structure you should place a plate upon it immediately.
  • Use parchment papers for avoiding stickiness of the cake on the pan.
  • Put some nuts and chocolate chips for enhancing the taste of the cake.
  • Before mentioning anything on the cake use a toothpick.
  • Use forks, spoons and knifes for thriving designs on your cake.


In cake delivery business in Delhi is thriving to its best. Small businesses have opened at every doorstep in Delhi now and the cake delivery system is also very easy in Delhi / NCR. People are trying new trends and techniques for bringing out some new decoration style.

Cake delivery in Delhi is so much in vogue now – a – days that people are providing the best of services to their clients. Right from the designs of cake to your preferable flavor everything is available in Cake Delivery system in Delhi and NCR. There are a wide variety of veg and non-veg cakes so that you can choose your desired cakes. Customers can also order and get their own personalized cakes through online cake delivery in Delhi NCR.

There are many online stores as well for your cake delivery. The stores also have home delivery or office delivery systems.

There are several cake delivery stores in Delhi / NCR like Cakeontime. Here we have discussed about some of the cake delivery system in Delhi and NCR regions. We hope you have a happy experience.  As they say “Cakes are for lives not just for Birthdays”

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