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The Ecommerce Surge - A Boon or Bane for Gifting Industry

The emerging ecommerce industry has changed many consumption patterns within the country. People are getting more and more accustomed of online shopping. Statistics have confirmed this surge in terms of the converted ecommerce buyers in India. Ecommerce as an industry is not new to our country. In fact it has been there for more than a decade now, but now the market place is getting denser every day. While the main thrust of this Industry was travel just a couple of years back, the focus is now shifting towards other sectors. Today people are equally confident in buying a LCD over the internet as they are while booking a plane ticket online. Companies are selling almost everything online and the best part is that people are buying them. As the economic conditions are improving and the options in front of a customer are increasing, people are becoming more and more service conscious. Today the quality of service is as important for a buyer as the quality of the product. This service orientation has posed numerous challenges in front of the companies along with opening new opportunities. Today the key to market domination is in the quality of service and every company has understood that.

Like any other industry, flower delivery and gifting industry has also seen a change with the emergence of ecommerce. While on one hand this boom has opened doors for the new markets, it has also exposed companies to the wrath of competition. This sudden flame of competition weeded out the incompetent players while keeping others on the toe. There are countless companies on the internet providing services to send cakes to India but only a few of them actually have the capability of fulfilling online cake order as per customer expectations. While a good service delivery boosts a customer's morale and confidence, a bad delivery can ruin his trust in ecommerce altogether.

Being a product of perishable nature, cake delivery India is a different ball game than any other product category. For delivery of cakes throughout the country, a firm needs an efficient supply chain and trusted vendors and in today's world it is the only differentiating factor among the mushrooming ecommerce companies here and there. Companies display a huge number of cakes for delivery in their online catalogues but the country wide availability of all these variants is usually doubtful. Only a handful of companies can actually promise a constant variety and quality of products all across the geographies. For general public, if they don't get what they see, they are not going to stick with the company and it is final. So to exploit this ecommerce boom, companies must have their basic processes in place such as supply chain.

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