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Five Cakes You should Definitely Try This Winter

If religion ever become a compulsion, I would make cake my religion. Not sure about you but if you believe in a different god then cake must be his food. Because cake is divine and it is a food every god, provided that the god eats. We provide Online cake delivery in Delhi

I don’t think I am more passionate about anything more than cakes and that is why I share everything, that I know about cakes, with the world.

Since winter is coming, today I thought that today I would share with you some of the best cakes that you shouldn’t miss.

Angel cake: Originated in United Kingdom, this is a sponge cake with a lot of cream. From the name it is may occur that it must have got a religious tinge to it but that’s not the case. It is quite popular dessert for family gatherings in the white english speaking regions, so if you have a family gathering coming this winter, you got a potential alternative here.

Better than sex cake: Yes, you guessed it right. Only Americans can come with such outlandish names for something as simple as food. What they actually meant, and they are quite right in believing so, is that the pleasure from eating this cake can only be matched with the titillation that you experience while making love to someone.

Banana cake:Like the name suggests this is cake is extremely banana flavoured, so this may not be your thing if banana doesn’t feature in the list of best fruits. Because a fruit is a primary ingredient, this cake can also consumed on a regular basis in your breakfast. It is quite popular in United States and can be found in the fridge of most American families.

Chiffon cake: Chiffon is a type of fabric so as soon as you hear the word chiffon you start associating it with clothes but this happens to be a cake and a quite delicious one on top of that. It may taste similar to an oil cake given that ingredients are more or less same but it is lighter in colour and can be easily made at home.

Molten centre hot chocolate cake: My mouth is watering and I paused for more than 2 seconds after writing that name. The vivid image of molten hot chocolate dripping from a crispy crust of choco chips pushed me into oblivion for a while there. Every cake and chocolate lover must have savoured this cake and can easily found in any cake shop.

German chocolate cake: Contrary to what may occur to anyone from the name, this cake is American. However, it got German in the name because there was a great American baker called Samuel German and this cake was named in his honour. Apart from chocolate, this cake has a huge flavour of coconut- which is mostly studded on its layer. Given its popularity in US, you should definitely try this if you are ever there.

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