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Five cakes that every woman loves ( clue: women’s favourites beyond chocolate truffle cake)

Chocolate truffle cakes are cliched women favourites, but it’s not just that there is. There are more cakes that are absolutely favorite among women. This post lists five cakes other than chocolate truffle cakes that are absolutely delicious and women love them just as much as chocolate truffle cake. If you’re looking to surprise your girlfriend  on her birthday or send your mother a delicious cake, go for these cakes. We provide Online Cake Delivery Delhi 

Fresh Fruit Cakes---  These cakes are filled with the goodness of  fresh fruits. Cakes come loaded with pineapple, apple, grapes and other succulent fruits. You will find delicious fruit cakes on online cakes stores, and you can find variety of them here. To make the best of an online cake store, avail their online cake delivery service and get this cake delivered at your doorstep.


Cadbury Gems Cakes -- Chocolate is an all-time favourite among women, this chocolate cake is a perfect gift for a Valentine’s Day. This cake has the goodness of Cadbury Gems, and it will remind you of the amazing childhood times you had while relishing the characteristic Gems taste. If you’re looking forward to a wonderful romantic Valentine’s Day, there can’t be a better cake than this to order for your partner. To make this cake better for a Valentine’s Day gift, add a bouquet of roses.

Red Velvet Cake -- These red-coloured velvety texture cakes are second favorite cake among women. They dig these cakes like they dig chocolate cakes. Red velvet cakes are popular and can be ordered from any online store, so finding these red delectable delights wouldn’t be a trouble. These red velvety delights are also available in little cupcake variants which are perfect for a gift. You can easily find these at cafes, bistros, dessert bars, and more commonly at bakeries. If you are in a hurry, get them from an online cake store. You can avail online cake delivery service to get them delivered at your doorstep.
Dark Chocolate Fudge-- Fudge cakes are silky smooth in texture. Melted chocolate in the middle of this cake would tickle taste bud unlike anything else. This cake is very light in weight and the melted chocolate is a little frothy, if your partner is a chocolate connoisseur, this cake would be an absolute delight for her.
Pineapple Rasmalai Cake -- Topped with walnut, cashews, and fresh pineapple slices, this creamy cake has the taste of rasmalai. This is a quirky flavour and might not be available easily at bakeries. To order this delicious cake, go to online cake stores, as these stores have an assortment of cakes available. Alternately, you can contact a bakery near you and ask if they could bake a cake like this one.

So there you have five cakes other chocolate truffle cake that women love. Next time you are on a date, order one of these cakes to impress her with your knowledge of cakes, or simply surprise her simply sending one as a gift.

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