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These Flower and Cake Combos are Perfect Gift for Delhiwallahs for any Celebration

Let’s admit the fact that it’s always a trouble to think about a gift we have to give someone when we are invited. Given a place like Delhi where familial celebrations are very frequent, it gets imperative for Delhiwallahs to be ready with gifts. Still as much as we get excited about celebrations buying a gift is always a trouble when relatives or acquaintances invite us. And as time would have it, we are out of options for gifts. Well, you won’t have to anymore. This posts lists five cake and flower combos that are perfect for any celebration. If you live in and around Delhi NCR, these gifts would always come handy, and you can keep 1-2 always at your home.

Black forest cake and red roses: Black forest cake are always perfect. Loaded with the goodness of chocolate and topped with chocolate shavings, this cake is perfect gift for any occasion including casual get-togethers, re-unions, and birthdays. Red roses symbolizes unconditional love. You can combine this black forest cake with a bouquet of red roses. Online cake delivery in Delhi service offered by e-commerce websites here is a convenient service and promises to deliver cakes at door step. Additionally, you will find a multitude of cake and flower combos on these cakes stores.

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 Black forest cake and yellow roses: This is another perfect combination of Black forest cake and roses. Yellow roses are rare and hence just giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers would increase your respect immensely. You will find a large selection of yellow roses and cake combos on almost every online cake store. Among these stores, midnight cake delivery in Delhi service is offered by numerous stores. This is a perfect service in case you want to send a surprise gift. This combination of black forest cake and yellow rose would be delivered to the recipient’s doorstep.


Chocolate cake and white roses: White roses are perfect gifts for friendship. Add a bouquet of white roses to a chocolate cake and it would make a great gift for any celebration you have been invited to by a friend. Wedding anniversary of a friend or a colleague.  You will find an assortment of cake and white rose combos on any online cake store. Order from a store which offers online cake delivery in Delhi and avail the convenience of getting the combo delivered at your doorstep.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and flower combo: Ferrero Rocher  is one of the premium chocolates popular for its crunchy texture and chocolat-y flavour. Every bakery and cafe has a bunch of these which you can easily buy. Combine these premium chocolates with a bouquet of roses, tulips, or orchids.  This would make a universal gift, ready for almost every occasion you can think of. If you go for this, order this online and avail online cake delivery service in Delhi offered by most stores.


So there you have them-- cake and flower combos that are perfect for almost any celebration. If you’re forgetful like any Delhiwallah keep the Online cake delivery in Delhi service in mind, you would always be ready to attend a familial celebration sans the trouble of finding a gift.

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