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Four Cakes to Try When You are in Delhi

Honestly, you can’t find every delicious cake everywhere. For instance, red velvets are seldom found in towns. Given the popularity of red velvet cakes, it’s still difficult to find these pinkish delights everywhere. On the other hand, you will find red velvet cakes in all shapes and size at every café and bakery at nook and corner of this city. Delhi doesn’t only have passionate bakers, but a lot of them are professionally trained in the art of baking.

Well, this would force you to think that you might have been missing out on a lot of delicious cakes. I will simply list down a few cakes that I believe you haven’t had the chance to sample. So that the next time you’re in Delhi, you can sample them. Here it goes--

1. Lemon Cheesecake
Have you ever loved lemon? Whether you have or not, we have always loved the refreshing taste of lemonades and this cake is nothing less. Plus, it is loaded with cheese. You might not enjoy the texture of cheese, but give the taste of this delicious cake, you won’t mind it. This cake is available in half kg, one kg and more. If you are a person who enjoys small bites in his/her own company, order a half kg. While if you want to impressive your friends with your knowledge of cakes and your taste in cakes, order a one kg.

2. Black Forest Oreo Cake
This cake has the crunchiness of Oreos and the sweetness of classic black forest cakes. If you’re fond of black forest cakes, this would be an added flavour to your long list of cakes that you have sampled. If you are fond of Oreo, this could be a delight to sample this one in yet another form. You will find this cake at almost every café. However, I would recommen you to order cake online in Delhi. You will the convenience of getting it delivered at your doorstep.

3. Rose Cake
Most of the time you will find this cake in the shape of a rose. However, this cake is as fragrant as a rose. It comes in tiered shape as well as half kg. Again, I would recommend you to order rose cake online in Delhi. You will have the convenience of getting it delivered at your doorstep. A lot of online stores also offer midnight cake delivery service. So even if you are running short of time. You can enjoy all the delicious cakes in Delhi by simply ordering them and it will delivered to you by midnight.

4. Classic Pineapple Cake

This cake has the goodness of pineapple and the fluffiness of classic cakes. It’s perfect for someone who loves pineapple. If you love pineapple and you’re in Delhi, this is a perfect cake to order. If you want to surprise somebody on their birthday in Delhi, this cake will certainly be a pleasant surprise for them.

So there you have the four cakes that you must try in Delhi! If you are cake lover and the next you are in Delhi, you know what to do.

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