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Friendship Day A Celebration of Togetherness

Friendship involves two different people with two different hearts who are emotionally attached with each other. A friend is the person with whom you share you worst experiences and best adventure is the course of life. It is a bond of togetherness which is embedded with selfless love, true feelings and heartfelt gratitude. Unlike other days of observance, the origin of Friendship Day is not clear. Friendship Day was established by the U.S. Congress in 1935, although it is also known as International Friendship Day. Customarily, friendship day is commemorated on the first Sunday of August month. Hence, this year the Friendship Day will be celebrated. Friendship Day is a special occasion and so are friendship day gifts.

Online gift stores will offer you wide collections of friendship day gifts to send to India. Friendship is a sweet bond hence you can send friendship day cakes to add more sweetness to your relationship. It is a day to nurture your forever friendship and by sending a delectable friendship day cake, you cannot only strengthen the existing ties but can also foster some new bonds. It is also a good day to acknowledge the thoughtfulness and help you received from your friends. It is a day to let them know you are thinking of them. A good way to accomplish this is by sending them a wonderful cake which will satiate their taste palates and will be remembered by them all their lives. Friendship day is not only about bestowing your close friends with expensive gifts. It is a gesture which will convey your care, concern and affection towards them. An expensive gift may not always give them more happiness then a small gift which is given by all his or her heart and love. Nowadays, personalized gifts are gaining more popularity.

It gives a personal touch to the receiver hence making them feel more special and happy. On this friendship day, you can perhaps gift your friend an exquisite photo cake. All you have to do is send a digital photo to the admin of the particular online gift store and they will reproduce that image on the surface of the cake. The image can be anything, a photo of the receiver or your photo with your friends or any other favorite image. Just imagine the blossom on the face of your friend when he or she receives this exotic personalized cake at their doorstep. Online gift stores are an excellent gateway to send friendships day gift to India. It is easy, quick and offers you superlative gifts at reasonable prices. Apart from cakes, you can also astonish your friend with a bag full of cookies or chocolates, greetings cards, soft toys or any other attractive collectible gifts. The facilities provided by these gifts store are ace and the delivery options are also quite flexible. Just order the cake, pay online and send friendship day cakes to India in no time.

Send friendship day cakes to friends in India and cherish the sweet memories of Friendship day

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