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Here’s what we love about Cake On Time

Cake On Time has been growing steadily over the past few months.  And we’re excited all the time. We’re adding designer cakes to our catalogue and partnering with a new vendor every day. We, obviously, want to continue the way it is. From getting an order to delivery, every order keeps us motivated to deliver a delighting customer experience. Probably it’s this that we have been able to retain so many returning customers. Returning customers for a business is a sign of prosperity, which means the business is focussed on customer service more than anything else. 

Our growth has been primarily fueled by our amazing work culture, which is driven by our values. So before I delve into how our values drive the growth at Cake On Time, let me tell you what we essentially do here.     

What is Cake On Time?

Cake On Time is an on-demand cake delivery service, which offers its service in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. With an assortment of cakes on offer, Cake On Time gives the residents of these cities numerous choices. The company is steadily expanding to other cities, and recently started its operations in Bhopal. Luckily, the outcome of our efforts has been overwhelming and we are constantly pushing ourselves to do better. This post outlines a few things we do at Cake On time to drive growth. So what are our organizational values and how do we incorporate them in our everyday work for growth?   

Values of Cake On Time

The success of a business is built on its core values. Like most successful business, we also credit our success to our values, which are incorporated in everything we do. Customer Delight is our foremost value, we strive to go beyond the set parameters of customer service, to make our customers feel delightful with our service.  We don’t yearn for more customers, instead we make efforts to keep our customer coming back to us. Our loyalty programs and special festive programs help us to do so.

Additionally, we seek our customers’ feedback on each delivery and constantly try to make our service more personalized for customers.

On-demand economy is scaling fast, and we believe that to grow in this economy it’s imperative to be able to meet the demands of customers at the drop of a needle. So we’re always looking for ways to order a cake more convenient for our customers. An intuitive online store is one the ways to do so. We started midnight cake delivery in Noida and, more recently, Bhopal with this aim, and the response we have received is encouraging to say the least.     

What we  love about Cake On Time

The work culture here is dynamic. We’re not just doing ‘a job’ here, we are contributing every day to make our customer’s celebrations more cheerful. From the time a customer orders a cake to delivery, it makes our proud to be able to do for our customers.

We have fun while we help our customers to choose the best cake for their celebration and it feels very special when they trust us to choose surprise gifts for their loved ones. So you can imagine us speaking to adorable boys to help them choose cakes and gifts for their girlfriends, girls to help them pick gifts for their fathers and mothers, and other people. Does that sound like fun work? If it’s so for you, we’d love to have you on our team. 

Also, if you haven’t checked out Cake On Time yet, do us a favour by visiting us on our website and give us an opportunity to serve you.

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