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Do you live in Noida? These cakes are a must-try!

Noida is a lovely city. Mushroomed with towering business estates, the city is particularly known for its large employment hub. This means an ebullient crowd of young working people    While Noida’s nightlife is also an oft-talked about topic, sweltering summer makes it a little less desired place to live in. But one can’t complain about it, because better things like its proximity to Delhi and Agra, and multitude of amusement places completely outweigh, may I say, the cons of living in Noida.

The city is populated with good restaurants and eateries, where you can sample Punjabi to international cuisines like French and more. What about cakes? Where do you get them in Noida? If you ask a resident of Noida, you are probably going to get the answer-- Noida Sec 18.  
This place is filled with bakeries that offer stunning interiors, refreshing ambience, and delectable cakes, puffs, and French bread.

Gradually, ecommerce stores are picking up pace, and their number is growing. The most common reason for the popularity of these stores is midnight cake delivery service that offers   customers the convenience to order a cake in the middle of night. Cake On Time is one of the good online cake stores that offers this amazing service!

Without further ado, let’s look at the variety of cakes these online stores offer-  

Anniversary Special Cake

Whether it’s your anniversary or you are waiting for your parents’ or a friend’s anniversary, these stores will help you with a selection of cakes. From chocolate to rose cake, you can find them all here.

Photo Cakes

These are perhaps the most popular cake these days. Quite popular as birthday cakes, these would be a wonderful surprise for anybody. If you are planning a birthday or a surprise party, these cakes would be an ideal choice to delight for whoever you are planning for.

Wedding Cakes

The culture of cutting cakes at weddings is growing by leaps and bounds in India. You can expect this to grow like any other Western traditions. If you are part of this trend, you should order a cake from an online store.

Tiered Cakes

These fancy cakes are popular for kid’s birthdays. Mostly covered in fondant, these cakes look very cute. If you want to delight your kid or having the customary grand kid birthday celebration, this is the cake to go for! A large number of guests can easily taken care of with these cakes. As you may imagine, these cakes could be cumbersome to carry around. So make sure that you order them by midnight cake delivery in Noida service, these online stores offer to delivery the cake on your doorstep.

Butterscotch & chocolate cakes
These cakes have a cult following. Once a chocolate lover, always a chocolate lover. Similarly, once a butterscotch lover, always a butterscotch lover. I, for one, love both these flavours.
If you like these flavours as much as I do, go for these flavours. You can find them on most online cake stores.    

Fruit Cakes
Cheese lemon cakes make us drool, don’t they? If you are anything like me, you can’t resist the temptation of strawberry-laden rose cakes or cheese cakes topped with avocados. If you can relate to these temptations, you will find utterly satisfying cakes like these on Cake On Time. So did you like the cake suggestions. To be honest, there are more of these cakes  and you can find them on online cake stores. When you begin don’t forget to check out Cake On time, it has a wide selection of cakes including designer cakes. Also don’t forget that these cakes can be easily ordered at midnight. And if you haven’t given midnight cake delivery in Noida a try, do that soon.  

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