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Looking to Sample New Cake Flavours this Season? Try these Five!

Monsoon is almost over and end of season sales are at their high. If anything, this marks that in all spheres something new is coming. All retail shops are taking the old off from the shelves and bringing new ones in place of old ones. Similarly, patisseries are filled with New flavours of cakes. So if you are looking to sample new cakes it’s about time that you do that!

Well, which new flavours should you sample this season? This post lists five new cakes that you can sample.

Choco-vanilla -- This is a classic vanilla flavoured cake which remains a favourite among many. Loaded with chocolate and vanilla, this cake is a heavenly delight. If you want to go back to the basics of cake flavours, this cake would be perfect to start your season with the enthusiasm to sample more in the coming days.

Classic Pineapple Cake -- This is a much-talked-about cake. If you haven’t had your taste buds on this classic cake. The beginning of a new season is a perfect time to sample this cake and begin on a journey of gastronomical delights.

Dark chocolate Fudge Cake -- If you are a chocolate lover you can’t miss this cake. One way or another, you should definitely get your taste buds on this cake loaded with chocolate. The dark fudge chocolate would melt in your mouth and leave an aftertaste that you would enjoy for hours. This cake is easily available at online cake stores and can be ordered to be delivered at your doorstep by means of online cake delivery service. If you live in a metro city like Delhi, it would be even more convenient as Online cake delivery in Delhi is super awesome! You can order all the above cakes conveniently from an online cake store.

Orange Velvet Cake -- If you have sampled Red Velvet Cake, this cake is similar in texture of a Red Velvet Cake. The orange colour of this cake is tempting and would invite you to dig right in. So order this one if you want to sample a new variety of red velvet cake. Again, you can order this cake from an online cake store and avail  super fast online cake delivery in Delhi service and get it delivered at your residence,  if you live in Delhi. This service is also available across other metro cities of India. So don’t shy away from availing Online cake delivery service in other cities.

Chocolate Chips and Jelly Cake -- Chocolate chips and jelly together, this cake is definitely a heaven for kids. If you are one of those who indulges in chocolate chips frequently there can’t be a better cake than this one to celebrate the oncoming season. You will find this cake at most online cake stores. However, to enjoy this cake while sitting in the comfort of your couch, avail online cake delivery in Delhi offered by stores here. The service promises to deliver cakes super fast and if needed also delivers cakes by midnight. This service is generally availed by the folks who have planned surprise birthday parties for their peeps. However, if you have a sudden craving for a cake, you can avail this service.

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