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How to make your girlfriend happier? These 5 cakes would do the magic!

Finding a gift for girlfriend is difficult. Isn’t? So what can you do to keep your girlfriend happy and jolly? After red roses, teddy bears, and chocolate cakes, you will run out of options for gifts. So here we will give you a few cake options that you can go for and woo back your girlfriend if she has been upset with you for some reason. We provide Online Cake Delivery in Delhi.

1.Red Velvet Cake -- Believe it or not, this cake has an effect on woman that no other cake has. While some women dig this cake fondly, others do not have so much fondness for this delicious cake. Send your girlfriend subtle hints to see if she has any fondness for this cake, if she does send her this pinkish cake and surprise her.

2.Barbie Cake-- women might grow up into adults, but they have still that little girl inside that needs to continually pampered. Barbie cakes are effigy cakes, made precisely into adorable and pretty Barbies. If your girlfriend was a Barbie fan, chances are she still is. Order this cake from online cake store and get it delivered to your girlfriend’s doorstep without having her know about it, taking her completely by surprise, thereby make her love you even more.

3.Photo cake with your picture together --  In this day of selfies, we’ve forgot to take polaroids and pictures. Photo frames have been replaced with screen savers, still photo frames have an old charm and emanate love like nothing else. Order a photo cake with you and your girlfriend’s photo together. You can order photo cakes from online stores easily and you can also get them at a cafe and bakery near you. However, make sure that you order this cake in advance ( if you’re planning a surprise) as these cakes take time to be prepared.

4.Fruit Cake -- These cakes are a new rage in the cake lovers community. From kiwi to pineapple, these cakes loaded with the goodness of fruits. If your girlfriend is a fruit lover or sucker for fructose, these cakes would delight her. Order one of these cakes for her and she would love you even more. Vanilla is a common flavour these cakes usually come in. However, if you want to another flavour shop around a bit or talk to the proprietors of cafes and confectioneries.

These are the four cakes you should absolutely try sending to your girlfriend. If you haven’t sent one of these to her. These are available at popular cafes and bakeries, and if you live in a metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, try to order these cakes from an online cake store, you would love the convenience of getting a cake delivered at doorstep without leaving your couch. A lot of online cake stores also offer midnight cake delivery service which promises to deliver cakes by midnight. So if you ever feel that you have made her upset and want to delight your girlfriend in the middle of the night midnight cake delivery service would be an ideal option.

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