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Online Cake Delivery Delhi

  • Catch These Instructions For Buying The Cake From Online Stores

    The cake is the most essential thing plays a vital role in all celebrations. Nowadays, most of the people wish to buy a unique cake without leaving their comfort zone. It means online cake order is considered as the most feasible way to buy a tasty flavored cake for any occasion. The popularity of online cake shops has been increased tremendously due to their fastest service and high-quality products at an affordable price. Now you are going to see some of the tips for ordering the cake from online. Continue reading

  • Tips On Ordering A Cake Online

    Cakes are always been holding that special reputation in celebrations. No matter whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, people are always found running onto their local bakery shop.But is it possible to get the desired cake from nearby store every single time? Not really! Hence marking the importance of online cake services.

    With a constant growth in technology and internet, there are numerous bakeries available on the internet now a days to Order Cake Online.

    online cake order

    Discussed below are some of the tips for the first-timers to order a Birthday Cake Online:

    Convenient delivery: First and the very foremost point is to confirm that whether an online bakery you are opting to choose, is capable of delivering a cake in your area or not. While there are bakeries providing Online Cake Delivery in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, there are also some fixed with their areas of delivering.

    order cake online

    Find something new: Ordering from an online bakery is not about choosing an all-time cliché flavour, but exploring. With different varieties and designs within, online bakery allows people to explore and taste something new every time.

    Online Cake Delhi

    Looks matter: While exploring different flavours in the cake, it is also essential to put some attention over their designs. If not, you can also go for an option of getting a cake personalized.

  • Unique Cake for Christmas At Cakes on Time

    Do you hear that Delhi? Yup, the Sound of bells, rustling of the wrapping paper, booming voices of people singing carol and lot’s of laughter and joy. Yes, Christmas is upon us, and the festive mood is in the air. We provide Online Cake Delivery in Delhi, Noida.

    We at Cake on Time have baked something special for all you guys. Yup, you guessed it right, a Christmas cake. Just as the three wise men bought all sorts of gifts for Jesus, we thought we would give you a surprise Christmas gift of our own. Let us help you make your Christmas more magical as we deliver our cakes at your doorstep anywhere, anytime in Delhi and Noida. Continue reading

  • CakeOnTime.Com, Best Online Cake Delivery In Delhi, NCR

    You Choose, We Deliver-, one of India's largest Online cake delivery chain, now offers quick and hassle-free delivery across Delhi, NCR. We deliver cakes of all flavours and designs 24x7 for all occasions within three hours. Our wide variety of cakes include 3D Cakes, Drawing Cakes, Photo Cakes, Cartoon Cakes, Character Cakes, and specially designed cakes for every occasion. Vegans need not worry at all! All of these cakes come with an egg-less base as well. We provide just the right online cake delivery Delhi has been missing in this age of internet. Our delivery agents beat the rush of Delhi's traffic and deliver your cake without a single glitch, which does make us the best best Cake delivery store in Noida, Delhi, NCR. Continue reading

  • Celebrate Birthday With Special Cake - Cake On Time

    It's your colleague's birthday and nobody from your team managed to get a cake on time? Double trouble! You walk out to find the nearby cake shop closed. Delhi's traffic and the thought of taking your car out looks more of a daytime nightmare. With that smartphone in your pocket, you need not worry anymore! Cake On Time is ready with its Online cake delivery Delhi has been waiting for. Whatever the occasion be, you won't miss out on getting a cake for your loved one's special day again. With their exclusive range of cakes for every occasion, every mood, every party, and of course every taste, Cake On Time has been delivering hundreds of smiles every day across Delhi NCR. Continue reading

  • Are you Looking Best Cake Shop for Online Cake Delivery in Delhi, Noida?

    Indian metro cities such as Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai etc  have multitude of cake stores that offer delivery service, which makes getting cake on a doorstep extremely easy. More than that, Cake On Time is a online cake stores and offer midnight Online Cake Delivery in Delhi, Noida area which is extremely helpful in metro cities given the busy and hectic lifestyle.

    Cake On Time is not only offer online cake  delivery service, but also have an exquisite range of cakes. Midnight cake delivery service is available Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & Faridabad. These cities have good road connectivity, hence it’s easy for deliver cake at the time.

    Continue reading

  • When in Delhi, Sample These Five Cakes

    When you are in Delhi, don’t just settle with butter chicken, or the spicy street food. There’s so much more. In fact, though Delhi isn’t synonymous with cakes it has fancy restaurant dessert bars and chocolate parlors where you can sample several cakes. Order online cake in Delhi.

    If you are in Delhi then you should definitely sample these cakes. So with delaying further, here, I give you five cakes that you should try besides butter chicken, spicy street food and paranthas at Chandni Chowk.

    Butterscotch Kiwi Cherry Cake -- It might look like Delhi is obsessed with butter. It definitely is. Residents of Delhi seem to have an over-fondness with butter. However, this cake is an absolute delight. Whether you want to have it because you are in Delhi, or whether you want to have it because it’s a butterscotch. Both the reasons would work. Fresh cherries and kiwi make this cake more delicious.

    Continue reading

  • Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with These Five Cakes

    Buying gifts for Raksha Bandhan is a conundrum. Though there are several options for gifts, there is nothing better than cakes. Delicious, scrumptious, and flavorful cakes that do not have the option to not be liked. Can gifts get any better? To get you started on the type of cakes you can order for Raksha Bandhan, here are the five cakes you can go for.

    Cheese Cake -- These yummy cakes are favourite among women. If your sister is particularly fond of this yummy cake, you should definitely order this cake for Raksha Bandhan. Or, you can simply order this cake for a surprise gift for your sister


    Classic Chocolate Cake: This is a cake you should order if you want to treat your whole family and not just your sister to a delicious and chocolate rich cake. If you are having guests over at your place, this would be a truly awesome cake to order and treat all of them to delicious Chocolate flavoured cake. This cake is widely available across India and you will find it at almost every bakery and cake store. However, it is best if you order this cake from an online cake store and avail cake delivery in Delhi ( if you are resident of Delhi). Additionally, you will find great discount offers on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Continue reading

  • Five Cakes You should Definitely Try This Winter

    If religion ever become a compulsion, I would make cake my religion. Not sure about you but if you believe in a different god then cake must be his food. Because cake is divine and it is a food every god, provided that the god eats. We provide Online cake delivery in Delhi

    I don’t think I am more passionate about anything more than cakes and that is why I share everything, that I know about cakes, with the world.

    Since winter is coming, today I thought that today I would share with you some of the best cakes that you shouldn’t miss.

    Angel cake: Originated in United Kingdom, this is a sponge cake with a lot of cream. From the name it is may occur that it must have got a religious tinge to it but that’s not the case. It is quite popular dessert for family gatherings in the white english speaking regions, so if you have a family gathering coming this winter, you got a potential alternative here. Continue reading

  • These Flower and Cake Combos are Perfect Gift for Delhiwallahs for any Celebration

    Let’s admit the fact that it’s always a trouble to think about a gift we have to give someone when we are invited. Given a place like Delhi where familial celebrations are very frequent, it gets imperative for Delhiwallahs to be ready with gifts. Still as much as we get excited about celebrations buying a gift is always a trouble when relatives or acquaintances invite us. And as time would have it, we are out of options for gifts. Well, you won’t have to anymore. This posts lists five cake and flower combos that are perfect for any celebration. If you live in and around Delhi NCR, these gifts would always come handy, and you can keep 1-2 always at your home.

    Black forest cake and red roses: Black forest cake are always perfect. Loaded with the goodness of chocolate and topped with chocolate shavings, this cake is perfect gift for any occasion including casual get-togethers, re-unions, and birthdays. Red roses symbolizes unconditional love. You can combine this black forest cake with a bouquet of red roses. Online cake delivery in Delhi service offered by e-commerce websites here is a convenient service and promises to deliver cakes at door step. Additionally, you will find a multitude of cake and flower combos on these cakes stores.

    Read More:Five cakes that every woman loves ( clue: women’s favourites beyond chocolate truffle cake)

     Black forest cake and yellow roses: This is another perfect combination of Black forest cake and roses. Yellow roses are rare and hence just giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers would increase your respect immensely. You will find a large selection of yellow roses and cake combos on almost every online cake store. Among these stores, midnight cake delivery in Delhi service is offered by numerous stores. This is a perfect service in case you want to send a surprise gift. This combination of black forest cake and yellow rose would be delivered to the recipient’s doorstep.


    Chocolate cake and white roses: White roses are perfect gifts for friendship. Add a bouquet of white roses to a chocolate cake and it would make a great gift for any celebration you have been invited to by a friend. Wedding anniversary of a friend or a colleague.  You will find an assortment of cake and white rose combos on any online cake store. Order from a store which offers online cake delivery in Delhi and avail the convenience of getting the combo delivered at your doorstep.

    Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and flower combo: Ferrero Rocher  is one of the premium chocolates popular for its crunchy texture and chocolat-y flavour. Every bakery and cafe has a bunch of these which you can easily buy. Combine these premium chocolates with a bouquet of roses, tulips, or orchids.  This would make a universal gift, ready for almost every occasion you can think of. If you go for this, order this online and avail online cake delivery service in Delhi offered by most stores.


    So there you have them-- cake and flower combos that are perfect for almost any celebration. If you’re forgetful like any Delhiwallah keep the Online cake delivery in Delhi service in mind, you would always be ready to attend a familial celebration sans the trouble of finding a gift.

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