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When in Delhi, Sample These Five Cakes

When you are in Delhi, don’t just settle with butter chicken, or the spicy street food. There’s so much more. In fact, though Delhi isn’t synonymous with cakes it has fancy restaurant dessert bars and chocolate parlors where you can sample several cakes. Order online cake in Delhi.

If you are in Delhi then you should definitely sample these cakes. So with delaying further, here, I give you five cakes that you should try besides butter chicken, spicy street food and paranthas at Chandni Chowk.

Butterscotch Kiwi Cherry Cake -- It might look like Delhi is obsessed with butter. It definitely is. Residents of Delhi seem to have an over-fondness with butter. However, this cake is an absolute delight. Whether you want to have it because you are in Delhi, or whether you want to have it because it’s a butterscotch. Both the reasons would work. Fresh cherries and kiwi make this cake more delicious.

Belgium Butterscotch Cake-- Belgium chocolate is an absolute favourite among chocolate lovers for its earthy flavour. If you have ever been tempted by scrumptious Belgium chocolate, this cake is a must-have while you are touring Delhi. This cake combines two classic flavours-- butterscotch and Belgium chocolate, both of which are delightful.

Pineapple Cherry Cake -- As you might have guessed from the name, this cake is loaded with the goodness of fresh pineapple and cherry and brings the two   delicious flavours in one cake. Fresh fruit cakes are quite common in Delhi, though they weren’t a few years ago. However, if you want to sample the best ones, look for them on online cake stores. You will find a lot of them. Plus, these online stores offer online cake delivery service in Delhi which is perfect if you want to sample a cake while you are seating in the comfort of your home.

Pineapple Rasmalai Cake --  Rasmalai is an Indian dessert. The combination of juicy pineapple and creamy Rasmalai makes this cake a gastronomical delight. If you are a dessert lover, you would love this cake for Rasmalai. However, if you’re a fan of pineapple, the juicy slices of pineapple on top of this cake would be delightful. You can find this cake on online cake store or at an sweet shop near you. However, for convenience and to avoid trouble, you can avail online cake delivery service in Delhi offered by most of the online cake stores and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Pineapple Strawberry -- This is another fruit cake on this list. If you are a fruit lover, this cake is must sample  when you are in Delhi. If you are not a fruit lover, still have this cake to enjoy the juicy strawberries and pineapple with a bit of creamy and fluffy cake.

So there you have five cakes that you can sample when you visit. Moreover, don’t forget to try online cake delivery service in Delhi and enjoy the pleasure  of sampling delicious while sitting in the couch at your residence.

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