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Top 5 Reasons Why Cake & Flowers Make The Best Gift For Every Occasion

Finding gifts a trouble? Well, It’s has been for me. The worst part is I make a mental note every time to find a good gift for my loved ones, but I always end up buying the good old pair cake & flower as a present, irrespective of the occasion. This gift is literally my saviour on almost all celebrations. Firstly, there’s so little time to scour every gift shop in Delhi to find a perfect time and I can’t send hours on online shopping looking for one-of -a kind gift. But I always try that I know what the celebrated person needs. If I can’t cakes & flower combos offer me a relief!

Let me explain why cake Aren’t & flower combos are my go-to gifts when I can’t find a perfect gift.

Midnight delivery service is available

Firstly, because cake and flower midnight delivery is available at most e-commerce stores.
Remember When I told how I keep forgetting things, there’s so much work including domestic and office that I hardly remember any celebrations to attend. Unless I kept being told I would forget. Since most gift stores offer cake and flower midnight delivery service, I can order even an hour before the birthday celebrations begin.

Element of surprise

 My second reason why as to why cake and flower combos are my go-to gifts is there’s an element of surprise to it, especially when you’re present during the celebration. Your loved one would like at you so expectantly all the time.

You can never go wrong with cake and flower combos
You would expect that your gift be the best among all the gifts. You would spend hours choosing the gift, but what if it’s not liked as much as you expect it to be or worst if  it’s discarded. You know how people are so selective about the colour, texture, and even brands. A cake& flower combo is always a safe option!

After all,  it’s a sweet cake and fragrant flowers, who wouldn’t like them , right?

Perfect for every occasion

Let’s see the events we generally require a gift for--Birthdays, Anniversaries, promotions, and farewells-- cake and flowers suit each of these occasions very well.
“Cake & flowers mark a romantic relationship” is a myth. If somebody had said affection it would still have been be believable. So don’t constrain yourself and order a cake & flower combo for a friend’ s birthday, Mother’s Day and even your male colleague's farewell.

Available at all leading online gift stores

Even if someone decides to buy a simple wallet to gift, he (she) has to spend almost a day to find the best one even in case online shopping hopping from one store to another. In case of cake & flowers, there are hardly any choices to make. Simply choose the type of flower and the flavour of cake that would go well with it. I will admit that comparing prices does take a little time.
So there you have my 5 reasons as to why cakes & flower combos are my go-to gifts for every occasion. Do you find these reasons relatable? Here’s a hi-five!

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