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Types of Cakes You Must Try in Delhi

Have you been fascinated with the diversity in Delhi? This city is populated with different ethnicities and with it brings cultural diversity. This includes culinary culture too. Baking culture, though, mostly associated with Europe has seeped in India too.
Indian cities are dotted with numerous popular bakeries and their exquisite range of cakes. Some of the popular cakes includes Blueberry Cake, Cheese Cake, Red Velvet Cake and more. Delhi is the capital of India, and witnesses a footfall of millions of people from other cultures. This intermixing of culture has brought in lots of foreign delicacies, and cakes is one of them. Along with services like Online Cake Delivery Delhithis cake culture is also growing . If you’re in Delhi, you must try these cakes:

  1. Photo Cakes:  These cakes are perfect birthday gifts. These cakes come with a picture on the top of the cake. You can easily customise this cake with a picture of your choice. These cakes come in almost all flavours including classic vanilla, chocolate, black forest, and more.


  1. Tiered Cakes: These cakes are large in shape and size, perfect for grand celebrations like Wedding anniversaries. If you are planning a large celebration, consider this cake. This cake can be a little cumbersome to carry , so it’s best to order this cake through an online cake delivery service.



  1. Heart-shaped Cakes : These cakes are heart-shaped, and perfect for Valentine’s Day gift or other romantic dates. You can couple the cake with a bouquet of roses to make this cake feel more romantic. These cakes are available at almost every online cake store. To make this cake more special for your partner, get delivered by midnight and surprise your partner. Midnight cake delivery service is available at most online cake store.


  1. Pineapple Cakes: You would love this cake if you love Pineapples. This cake filled with the goodness of pineapple is a heaven for pineapple lovers. Available at most online cake stores, this cake can be easily ordered. To keep delivery convenient, try and order from the nearest online cake delivery store in Delhi.



  1. Butterscotch Cakes:  If you love those crunchy caramel chips, this cake is a delight for you. Gift this to someone who loves butterscotch flavour very much. Mostly Butterscotch cakes are available throughout Delhi. So you will find it easily.


  1. Mango Cakes : These yellow-coloured cakes are loaded with the goodness of mangoes. The colour and fragrance of this cake will tempt you to dig in! If you’re a mango lover, you surely will be unable to resist  the temptation of this This cake is available at most cake stores. However, use Online cake delivery service in Delhi offered by most of the stores here.



  1. Fruit Cakes: These cakes are loaded with the goodness of several Fruits including kiwi, pineapple, strawberries and more. If you’re a fruit lover, you will love these cakes for the goodness and fragrance of fruits. You will find these cakes at almost every cake store.

So there you have them, some of the must try cakes in Delhi. If you’re coming to Delhi or have been living here, these cakes will be a culinary retreat here.

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