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Types Of Delicious Cakes For Different Occasions

Types of delicious cakes for different occasions

You just cannot count the types and flavors of cakes available in the country now; there are so many flavors of cakes now that even if you taste a flavor of cake everyday for 3 continuous years you won’t be able to finish tasting all flavors. For the people of Delhi getting cakes directly delivered to their homes is just some clicks and a call away now as some of the cake designers and bakers in city have started this system of Online cake delivery in Delhi NCR for which you use the system of online cake order in Delhi on the web and get the cakes delivered directly to the party venue. So here below are 6 Types of delicious cakes for different occasions for you to choose from.

  • Photo Cake

This is that type of cake where you can get the photo of the person or the couple who you are gifting it to. This is one of the best sellers through the Online cake delivery in Delhi NCR as this is unique and different. The flavors of the cake can be changed as per you choice from chocolate to Vanilla to Butterscotch to Strawberry to Apple to Mango and the list just goes on. What actually happens here is that the cake designers put a thin edible sheet on the cake with the photo of the person or couple that you have given. There is a certain size to which these photos can be printed and pasted on to the cakes which will be mentioned on the website itself.

  • Red Rose Cake

The name itself suggests the main element of the cake as this cake is filled with red roses made up of yummy fondant. These cakes are basically chocolate or strawberry flavored as these ones are for the person who you love. The cake is usually of heart shape and is covered with Red thin layer of Fondant that looks like velvet and is sure to kindle that cupid to shoot the arrows of love in your partner’s heart. This is an authentic Valentine’s Day and an Anniversary day gift to your wife or girlfriend, it’s pretty sure that she will love it to her core. This cake is available on same day delivery through online cake order in Delhi.

  • Anniversary cakes (2tier and 3tier cakes)

These cakes are specially made on order only for anniversaries and yes some of them can also be delivered on the same day as well. These are mostly 2tier and 3tier cakes that come in a fully customized way for the customers. Some order different flavors on different tires and some keep the whole cakes flavor same all through. These cakes are big in size and heavy as well as they range in between 5 to 7 kgs and are meant for big parties where you can serve the cake for more than 500 heads.  These cakes are the specialty of Online cake delivery in Delhi NCR and have been ordered in more than 200+ weddings and anniversaries that have happened across the city from the beginning of the year.

  • Fruit flavor cakes and fruit cakes

For a very long time fruit cakes were only seen in the Christmas seasons or bought from bakeries on order only. But now extremely tasty and yummy fruit cakes are available and you can buy them through online cake order in Delhi very easily. There are some unique cake flavors like Blueberry, Washington apple, coconut and almond flavor cake, Rainbow Cake (7 fruit flavors in one cake) and much more. Then there are fresh fruits cakes as well where you get fresh fruits layered on the cakes that make them taste even better.

  • Tiramisu Cake

The latest invention or adaptation you can say done by the bakers offering Online cake delivery in Delhi NCR is the Tiramisu cake. This is a yummy coffee flavored cake that’s ideal for any couple who want to enjoy some personal time with each other celebrating their love.

  • Chocolate Cakes

A list of unique cakes can never be complete without a chocolate cake in it. The massive twist here is that the bakers and designers of these cakes have added real chocolates to the cake itself. Chocolates like Cadbury, Kit Kat, Gems and a lot more. These are birthday cakes that are sold in bulk everyday through online cake order in Delhi.

So choose your flavor and type of cake now and order it online and enjoy it.

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