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  • Unique Happy Birthday Cake With Name And Photo

    The busy work schedule makes it difficult for everyone to be around with your loved ones on their special occasions but it doesn’t mean that you cannot plan for surprising gifts for them. One of the best ways to surprise your special ones is putting pictures and names on their Birthday cakes.

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  • 7 Cakes Other Than Rum Cake You Should Try This Christmas

    Rum cakes are a tradition in most christian communities and a must-have on Christmas. Inevitably, a Christmas dinner is incomplete without a rum cake. There’s no way one would skip a rum cake. However, if you have not done so far, be a little offbeat this season and try one one of the cakes listed below, for a refreshing change. If you have, the cakes listed below should make it your list of must-haves on Christmas. Share the love, joy, and merriment of the Christmas with your loved ones while you enjoy a delicious dinner. So what cakes can you try this Christmas? Well, we have seven of them listed down below. So here you go!

    Black Forest Almond Cake 

    This is a black forest cake with a complete white frosting. If you’re one of those people who likes to have food on the dining table to go with the christmas decorations, this cake would do wonders. As the plain white frosting would easily go with classic red-and-white christmas decorations.
    This cake is delicious. Serve the cake with chopped almonds on the side to get the best taste.

    White Forest Cake 

    This is a classic loft-shaped cake with complete white whipped cream frosting. Red maraschino cherries give this cake a wonderful look perfect to go with christmas decorations. If you love white forest flavour cakes in general, this would be a suitable replacement for a rum cake. You will find this cake at most online cake stores.

    White forest cakes make one of the finest gifts for Christmas. So if you are missing someone who loves white forest cakes and won’t be with you for Christmas dinner, this would be a great time to show your affection towards them. Order this lovely and delicious cake for them.

    Black Forest Oreo Tier Cake 

    This cake combines the sweetness of chocolate and the crunchiness of Oreos.  If you like Oreos, this would be a good replacement for rum cake. This is also a tier cake, so you can customize according to the number of guests in your Christmas dinner list.  
    This cake is also a perfect Christmas gift  for your loved ones. Most people like Oreos, if you know someone who loves Oreos by no bounds, make their Christmas by sending them this lovely cake as a gift.

    Royale Black Forest Cake
    This is a classic circular black forest cake with chocolate shavings on the circumference. Decorated with strawberries, the red dash adds to the elegance of the cake. If your inviting colleagues or other acquaintances for dinner, this cake would be a perfect replacement for rum cake.

    Vanilla Sprinkle Cake
    This is a classic vanilla cake with white white whipped cream frosting.  There are sprinkles all over it. If you’re planning a Christmas dinner with the kids, the sight of sprinkles on the cake would delight them. Additionally, the complete white colour with multi-colored sprinkles  would go well with the Christmas decorations.

    Children love sprinkles. If you are expecting a lot of children at your Christmas dinner or planning a children’s exclusive Christmas dinner, this cake would be a perfect replacement for a rum cake.

    Raspberry Chocolate cake

    This is a classic raspberry cake. The rich raspberry colour makes this cake extremely elegant. If you’re hosting friends and family over Christmas dinner, this cake would earn you a  lot of respect. This cake is loaded with the goodness of fresh raspberry and chocolate. However, make sure that you have another cake, as raspberry flavour  is an acquired taste. Not all people will like it. So it’s better to have two cake s or if there’s anyway you could confirm your  guests’ taste preferences there can be nothing better.

    So there you have them-- seven cakes that you can go for this Christmas, instead of rum cake. Did you have some other cake on your mind? Whatever that is, go ahead and try that one. Additionally, if you foresee yourself skipping the baking part, I would recommend you to order a cake from an online cake delivery store to save time and get the convenience of getting the cake delivered at your doorstep.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Here’s what we love about Cake On Time

    Cake On Time has been growing steadily over the past few months.  And we’re excited all the time. We’re adding designer cakes to our catalogue and partnering with a new vendor every day. We, obviously, want to continue the way it is. From getting an order to delivery, every order keeps us motivated to deliver a delighting customer experience. Probably it’s this that we have been able to retain so many returning customers. Returning customers for a business is a sign of prosperity, which means the business is focussed on customer service more than anything else. 

    Our growth has been primarily fueled by our amazing work culture, which is driven by our values. So before I delve into how our values drive the growth at Cake On Time, let me tell you what we essentially do here.     

    What is Cake On Time?

    Cake On Time is an on-demand cake delivery service, which offers its service in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. With an assortment of cakes on offer, Cake On Time gives the residents of these cities numerous choices. The company is steadily expanding to other cities, and recently started its operations in Bhopal. Luckily, the outcome of our efforts has been overwhelming and we are constantly pushing ourselves to do better. This post outlines a few things we do at Cake On time to drive growth. So what are our organizational values and how do we incorporate them in our everyday work for growth?   

    Values of Cake On Time

    The success of a business is built on its core values. Like most successful business, we also credit our success to our values, which are incorporated in everything we do. Customer Delight is our foremost value, we strive to go beyond the set parameters of customer service, to make our customers feel delightful with our service.  We don’t yearn for more customers, instead we make efforts to keep our customer coming back to us. Our loyalty programs and special festive programs help us to do so.

    Additionally, we seek our customers’ feedback on each delivery and constantly try to make our service more personalized for customers.

    On-demand economy is scaling fast, and we believe that to grow in this economy it’s imperative to be able to meet the demands of customers at the drop of a needle. So we’re always looking for ways to order a cake more convenient for our customers. An intuitive online store is one the ways to do so. We started midnight cake delivery in Noida and, more recently, Bhopal with this aim, and the response we have received is encouraging to say the least.     

    What we  love about Cake On Time

    The work culture here is dynamic. We’re not just doing ‘a job’ here, we are contributing every day to make our customer’s celebrations more cheerful. From the time a customer orders a cake to delivery, it makes our proud to be able to do for our customers.

    We have fun while we help our customers to choose the best cake for their celebration and it feels very special when they trust us to choose surprise gifts for their loved ones. So you can imagine us speaking to adorable boys to help them choose cakes and gifts for their girlfriends, girls to help them pick gifts for their fathers and mothers, and other people. Does that sound like fun work? If it’s so for you, we’d love to have you on our team. 

    Also, if you haven’t checked out Cake On Time yet, do us a favour by visiting us on our website and give us an opportunity to serve you.

  • Best friend’s wedding gifts are no more a headache

    One of things you can’t deny about best friends is no matter what we do to them-- good or bad. It would always turn out to be funny. More often, hilarious. To be clear, remember those moments where your best friend took you seriously, however it turned out otherwise. This  happens in every friendship. Do you remember your best friend’s birthday and you were expected to give him/her a present. What did you give? Chances are the gift was low on utility and high on teasing. Fact is we have never been serious about gifts for our best friends! But weddings are different pal. We have to be serious about the gift for our best friend who is getting married soon. So what are your options? Wedding cakes are solution to your problem.
    Before I tell you the options let me tell you why it’s important to be serious. In one word-- sister-in-law-to-be! You need to make an impression, don’t you have to? Sorry to spoil your plan, if you were going to give them a dinner set or a simple bouquet! The wedding cakes below are going to make you a star at your friend’s wedding.
    Let’s start with the options you have -

    Classic chocolate Cake

    If you want to keep your wedding cake easy on flavor and high on looks, go for this one. These come in a wide variety of designs from simple round cakes to sophisticated mirror glaze cakes. You would get a brownie point if any of the two- bride or groom, loves chocolate flavour.
    To save yourself from the trouble of carrying it around the wedding venue, call an online cake delivery service and get it delivered right at the wedding venue.

    Ferrero Rocher Choco Cake
    If you want to take chocolate flavour and woo chocolate lovers, there can not be a better option than this wedding cake. Chocolate maniacs dig Ferrero Rocher! Ferrero Rocher is a classic chocolate, a favourite among kids! Years ago, only the rich could enjoy this. Now it’s available all across India. So getting your hands on this premium cake is easier.
    The ease of availability of this cake can be measured from the fact that it’s available in cities like Bhopal too. Again to save yourself from the trouble of having to carry this lovely cake around, order it online. In case you miss out, you can also get this cake delivered at midnight, whether you are in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and even Bhopal.   

    Rose Wedding Cake

    Weddings are holy matrimonies which celebrate the divine emotion of love. And where there’s love, there are roses. One of the reasons you should only order this wedding cake is if your best friend is having a love marriage.  It’s quite logical, isn’t? I would again suggest you to order this lovely cake from an online cake store. To keep things convenient.

    Tiered Rose Cake  

    This is a huge cake. It has two layers (tiers ) and looks amazing. One of the reasons you should order this cake is if one of the two--bride or groom--is fond of cakes. Another reason is if you are planning to feed every guest at the wedding a mouthwatering piece of cake.

    This is a tiered cake so obviously carrying this cake around would not be a cake walk, instead it would be terrifying to say the least. So let the experts do the job. Order it from an online store, and they will sort it out for you.    

    I think these are ample options for you to choose from, and hope this would help you find the best wedding gift for your best friend. So go on order one right now!

  • 5 Reasons Why Online Cake Delivery Service in Delhi is raging!

    Delhi is one of the most popular cities of India. The reason for its popularity is its diverse population, that makes it appealing to almost everybody. A large part of this population   It boasts of a diverse population. A large part of this population enjoys an affluent lifestyle. This lifestyle includes regular meetings at fancy cafes and dinning at posh restaurants. Cakes are favorite among this lot. However, these aren’t the ones who are making cakes more popular in the city. From college to workplaces, cakes this lot, leaves no opportunities to enjoy a delicious cake and perhaps services like online cake delivery in Delhi are meant to cater to them. But the popularity of this service can’t attributed to this chunk of population alone.
    As mentioned earlier, there’s another part of this population that enjoys cakes. The youth workforce! As these young people join the workforce and step into a new phase of their life frequent celebrations become a part of their lifestyle, even though its interim. And Delhi gets over a million of this population every year. That’s another reason why online cake delivery in Delhi isgetting popular day by day.

    Other way to put this is—this service has been perfectly timed and couldn’t have come at a better time. Ofcourse, like other businesses this couldn’t have been successful without good service. Here a few things that make online cake delivery in Delhi animmensely likable service-
    Plenty of choices
    If you’re a cake lover, you would know the variety of cakes that are out there. Ecommerce websites as well as cafes that offer this service are never out of options. From the regular chocolate truffles to cheese cake to tier cakes, these cakes are available right at your door step after placing an online cake delivery order on any ecommerce website.
    Same day delivery
    Same day delivery is another offering from café and ecommerce websites that makes this service even better. You know how useful this! While we’re drowning in our work and we suddenly remember of a friend’s birthday. In those times, same day delivery offered is a boon to say the least.

    Fresh Cakes
     It’s natural to occur to the people who order cakes frequently from ecommerce websites that the cakes delivered on the same day of order might not be fresh. And it’s a perfectly genuine doubt. After all, who in the world can bake a cake in about an hour and deliver it you within those hours. What you should note here is, it’s not always the café or the ecommerce website you order it from that bakes the cake. In fact, sometimes when a particular cake is not available the websites make it available through other cafes nearest to the customer.
    So you see how these ecommerce websites and cafes are working to make the online cake delivery in Delhi a great service.
    In addition, this service helps millions of Delhiwallahs to put a smile on their faces by delivering delicious cakes. I am sure if you live in Delhi your life has been touched by this service. So what more can you ask from this service? They’re already doing their best!

  • A Delhiwallah’s Guide to choosing the perfect gift for every occasion

    Delhi is synonymous with celebrations. This city, the heart of India, is packed with celebrations all year round. During all this time, one of the major problems that Delhiwallahs encounter is finding the perfect gift for every occasion. Well it won’t be a problem anymore! This guide gives a list of gifts that you can buy for each occasion—right from festivals to familial to other celebrations.
    The gifts are mainly cake & flowers; however, this guide lists particular cakes perfect for every occasion and why they are so. Services like online cake delivery in Delhi is one of the reasons why cakes are a good option for gifts, given the hectic lifestyle of people in Delhi have. Let’s get started-
    Cakes for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is celebrated with as much vigor as other religiously festival like Diwali. A part of this reason is the large youth population of Delhi and the culture here fast catching up with western countries. So, what’re your gift options for Valentine’s Day gift?
    First, you have the classic chocolate truffle cakeladenwith the goodness of chocolate chips. If you want this cake to be even more awesome buy one with chocolate shavings.
    If you want make this more romantic, which we know you want to, send a bouquet of red roses. If you want to make it a surprise of your partner, try placing an online cake delivery in Delhi order!
    Cakes for Christmas  

    Christmas is celebrated with a lot of fervor. Obviously, this fervor doesn’t match to the celebrations in India or other western countries, but it’s no less in Delhi. Christmas is quite popular among the youth here since it offers a day free from work and to enjoy.
    So, what are your options for Christmas gifts?
    We suggest that you buy white forest cake. While you enjoy the cold breeze of the winter, you relish the sweet white forest cake, snuggled in the arms of your partner or a hot cup of coffee. While you’re in Delhi, you may not have plans for Christmas eve, but don’t worry, call up one of the ecommerce stores and a white forest cake would be delivered right at your door step with their online Cake delivery in Delhi service
    Cakes for birthdays

    This needs no introduction, we all attend birthdays all around the year. Sometimes we’re a guest while other times we can be found organizing one of our friends and family. The best option for a birthday gift is to buy the birthday person’s favorite flavor. First, it would make the person extremely happy and even if there are left overs it can be used by the birthday person. You have to be very selective about it. Since there are some many birthday cake options—butter scotch cake, cheese cake, red velvet cake and many more. So it really depends on what the person likes the most. If you’re planning a surprise for a friend, do try the online cake delivery in Delhi service offered by e-commerce stores and cafes here.

    So do you agree that we have given a list of the best gifts that you can buy for an occasion while you’re in Delhi? You see we’re a little biased when it comes cakes :)

  • Experience An Efficient Designing Service To Create A Special Cake

    Cake is a delicious desert item and it is highly appreciated by the inhabitants in the UK. The cake lovers are interested to get the taste of different flavours. They usually experiment on the cake flavours because a unique flavour mesmerizes the presentation and taste of a cake. Besides making it creative and attractive, the taste also has to be very delicious. The cake makers in the UK can create very mind-blowing creation for the cake lovers.

    Which kind of cake you are looking for?
    If you want to decorate your cake in a different way then you have numbers of options to fulfil your desire. The cake decorators are professional and efficient enough to implement the best design on your cake. They understand your requirement very easily as they are expert enough in this area. They can experiment on creating the new design and flavour. So, you have to emphasise on the quality of design and flavour. If you have any particular choice then you can speak about your requirement to the expert cake makers.

    Significance of creating an exclusive cake:
    When you are looking for an innovative cake design then you have to research over the matter. A well decorated cake makes a celebration very perfect, purposeful and memorable.

    Delectable Cakes for Different Occasions
    The most eminent quality cakes are made in little clusters. An individual touch is given to every cake so there will be no treat cutter results (acquit the heating play on words). Pixie cakes are little and more fragile than the conventional cupcakes. It gives a stack of joy in a small bundle. It is included with some special flavours like crispy natural products, Belgian Chocolate, and Madagascan Vanilla, not rich icing or pounds of stomach-beating sugar.

    Pixie cakes might be round, cubed, or square moulded yet all are similarly heavenly. Lemon, carrot, and banana pixie cakes are mostly appreciated by the customers. Each has its own integral kind of hand crafted icing like a cream cheddar icing and clammy banana cake. Some few cooks even offer regular themed pixie cakes. For example, a floral flavoured cake for summer which is finished with white chocolate strawberry flavour including the rich Belgian chocolate and cream.

    Chocolate cakes are created with an awesome utilization of milk, white, and dull adaptations. Whatever their chocolate preference is, clients can discover it in a pixie cake by including some unique mixture like energy natural product, cream, or raspberries. Individuals unquestionably have their inclinations with regards to chocolate, so the best dough punchers must oblige them. They utilize genuine chocolate, not simply cocoa powder, while creating these little cakes. Large portions of these smaller cakes can be scaled to make a standard measured form.

    Heavenly Desserts That Melt In Your Mouth
    Tarts are heavenly contrasting options than the cakes which are quite frequently available for the real cake lovers. Strawberries, raspberries, apples, lemons, chocolate, and even red and dark streams are utilized to make these scrumptious sweets. Cheesecakes and tortes are the other significant wanton pastries which are easily accessible anytime.

    Clients who are inclined not to go over the edge appreciate treats, shortbread, bread rolls, and brownies. Biscuits including chocolate, nuts, natural product, or citrus fixings are appropriate at anytime of a whole day. Plunged strawberries are intended for the most exquisite events. Dessert makes everybody feel young and also including the jams. Some genuine foods are grown up with variation of the mostly preferred and adolescent sweets.

    Interviews - Face to face meeting is critical to guarantee that your cake creator comprehends your particular prerequisites; additionally it can be a chance to examine the better focuses and insights with respect to the cake's enhancement. An expert cake maker can propose any option that you may have disregarded.

    Accessibility - Be careful that great cake makers (like dependable businessman) can get reserved early and particularly for the most bustling times of the year, (for example, weekends, Christmas, wedding, the late spring and particularly weekends in the late spring). So stay away from disillusionment and order your required item in advance to your cake producer. You can avail the best opportunity from the professional cake maker in Hertfordshire.

    Ms Puja Pandey is the author of this article. She has an in-depth knowledge of cake maker in Cakeontime . She has written several articles on birthday Cakes.

  • Best Cake Delivery in Delhi

    Everyone loves to have cakes and is perhaps the most delicious sweet treat to anyone. Celebrating an occasion without cutting a cake is impossible. The trend of sending cakes to the near and dear ones to greet them on a special occasion is gaining popularity. The sweetness of the cake makes the celebration more special. For every particular occasion like birthdays, anniversary, wedding, etc the cakes make a wonderful gift. Today there are various mouth-watering and flavorsome cakes available that can make the occasions grand. The majority people these days take the help of the internet. On the web, there are numerous online cake shops where one can find an exhaustive range of the cakes that differs in the color, size, shape, and flavors.

    For those people who are busy with their work and forget to order cakes before time or want to make the cake order in the last moment for the special occasion this online cake delivery service proves to be very convenient for them. On these online cake shops, there are plentiful and distinctive cakes from which one can select the best one. For instance, like for kid's birthday, one can find cakes customized in the shape of cars, train, Barbie, or their favorite cartoon. Additionally, some of the online cake bakers also give the option to bake a customized cake as per the requirement of the clients. They as per the need of the client also create an exclusive and distinctive design that is not displayed in their list. One can also select to send their cakes along with another gift and a personalized greeting message can also be added along with it.

    At Cakeontime, an unimaginable range of cakes with interesting flavours are available. Regardless of the type of the cake one wants to place the order the Online Cake Delivery in Delhi are always equipped and ready to provide their customers delicious and freshly baked cakes from their oven with an excellent delivery service. Cakes are delicate and perishable for the reason they need to be timely delivered at the preferred location before time. To ensure that these online cake shops ensure to deliver the exotic and freshly baked cake punctually and also provides an option for the same day delivery.

    The cakes available on these online cake shops are reasonably priced, however, the chargers for the cake may vary depending on the size and the location one has selected for the delivery. Most of the online cake shops have their own outlets spread in various cities across the country and so if one wants to send cakes in another city then it will not be a problem. The online cake shops have made it really convenient for people to purchase and send cakes in Delhi to their near and dear ones at a sensible charge with excellent service. But one must always place the order from a reliable and an established online cake shop.

    Cakeontime offers Send Cakes to Delhi and also you can get this website through send flowers to delhi .

  • Order Best Quality Flavors Cake Online In Delhi

    In these modern days, it is very simple ordering birthday cake, anniversary cake and flower for any occasion online. Now, there are so many Indian web based shops available to get the orders for Birthday cake delivery in Delhi, India. Such shops have delivery options in almost all the parts of the Delhi when you are ordering cakes from anywhere of India. If it is a birthday of your mom, dad, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, or anyone. You just visit and take a look at the available cakes in all flavors, sizes & range. Child's first Birthday or Anniversary, special dates and the memories attached to them are always important to cherish. And this happiness is more important to cherish when it is for someone special. We make this important memory sweet and memorable by our online cake services. We deliver PAN India but our specialized areas are Faridabad and NCR with any time delivery. All flavors and sizes are available with us along with combos of flowers and chocolates. The cakeontime display a variety of cake designs & flavors in their web page. From among them, you need to pick the best one for you. Many customers prefer having the customization options with their birthday cakes.

    If you want to customize your ordered cake with someone' name, photo, age, or anything else, you need to mention your requirements to us. We will prepare a cake as per your personalization and Send Birthday Online cake order in Ghaziabad and Online cake order in Faridabad on time and date which you have mentioned while ordering cakes online. Mostly all the cakes are using the eggs during the preparation process. But some customers require ordering the egg less cakes. The online cake shops also have a list of egg less cakes to satisfy all the customers. While ordering birthday cakes through the internet, you should also mention whether you need egg cakes or eggless cakes to send to someone on his/her birthday to give a pleasant surprise. This delivery service is available in entire Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad and various other districts of NCR. In fact, you can make it deliver midnight at easy prices.

    CAKEONTIME makes cake and Flower Bouquet. We are providing best online cake order in Ghaziabad and Online cake order in Faridabad as well as in rest of India. You can order online and we Delivery cake at your door just 2 hour.

  • Enrich Your Idea About Cake Delivery Online to India

    Cakes are the indivisible parts of any type of anniversary, especially birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Buying and cutting an attractive cake is the most attractive celebration of a ceremony like this where the invitees are full of praise of praise for the cake that is cut. If you also remember a ceremony like this and you want to gift a cake to anyone anywhere in India, then you can certainly do it without any trouble at all. If you are travelling aboard, then you can avail the service to send cake to India any day and any moment. This service is made possible by the process of cake delivery online.

    It must be understood that the service of cake delivery online is done basically with the help of web based services where websites play a vital role. You can find websites of many companies which are running this business quite comfortably. It is also based on the concept of send cake online. Though, the entire process of sending cakes anywhere in India is not that difficult as the entire process is maintained by highly developed websites which guide the sender through customized menus.

    In order to send cake to India, you need to find a website which delivers cakes to the place where you want the delivery. There are some big cake companies which have their branches at all major cities in India. You need to visit the website of the company and then follow the steps which you are guided by the menus. You would be required to select the design of the cake from the displayed ones on the website itself. However, you can suggest some new designs as well. Before placing your request to send cake to India, you are required to mention the name and address of the place where the cake is required to be delivered.

    However, the most crucial episode in the entire proceeding is the payment of amount which the companies charge to send cake online. It is done with the help of credit cards or debit cards which is a must in these types of transactions. You are just required to provide the number of your credit or debit card to the cake company and it can deduct the amount online from your account in no time at all. These services are possible only by dint of the high quality websites which are made with the latest web-related applications.

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