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Valentine’s Day Special: Celebrate Love With these 9 Cakes.

Looking for a perfect cake to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Then, look no further, we have got seven cakes listed down below that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. These cakes add  to the cheerfulness of the day and add more romantic vibes to the occasion. From cute half kg cakes to ten kgs, this list of Valentine’s Day cakes has cakes that are ideal for everyone’s need for the day! Without further ado, these are  the cakes--

  1. Beloved Chocolate Cake
    This is one of the half kg cakes on this list of Valentine’s Day cakes. This heart-shaped cake is perfect if you’re looking for a cake that adds romantic vibes to your celebration. This cake is also a suitable gift. If you’re looking to surprise your partner with a lovely cake, there can’t be a better cake than this. Add a bouquet of roses to make this cake more special for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Moreover, this is a classic chocolate cake which perfectly suits the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

  1. Red Rose Cake
    Completely covered in red-coloured rose frosting, this cake is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Simply put, this cake speaks volumes about romance. This is a perfect cake to celebrate couple union post-proposal. If you’re planning to propose to your love,  this cake is ideal to celebrate your union with your partner.

Add a bunch of red roses or yellow lilies to make this cake a rather special gift.

  1.  2 Tier Rose Cake  
    This is a lovely 2 tier cake decorated with pearl-like beads on the circumference.  Presence of a pink rose on top of this fondant cake adds more elegance and romantic vibes to this cake. If you’re planning a grand Valentine’s Day party, this cake would an ideal cake.

  2. Heart-Shape Butterscotch Jelly Cake
    This is a heart-shaped cake that truly adds romantic vibes to any occasion, hence a perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day cake. If you are a butterscotch lover,  this would be a perfect cake to have on Valentine’s Day. Or gift this is to someone who loves butterscotch dearly.

  3. Kit-kat heart-shaped Cake
    Decorated with adorable and delicious Gems, this cake looks vibrant. If you want to show your affection towards your kids  and want to send them greetings on Valentine’s Day, this lovely cake loaded with the goodness of Kit-kat and gems would be a perfect option.

  4. Heart-shaped Strawberry Cake
    Decorated with whipped cream frosting and red strawberries, this cake is a heaven for strawberry lovers. If your partner is a strawberry lover, there can’t be a better cake than this to wish him/her Valentine’s Day. Go for this cake without a second guesses!

To make your greetings special, pair this delicious strawberry Valentine’s Day cake with a bouquet of pink roses. You can also go for combo offers available with online cake store, you will have to pay lesser plus you will the convenience of getting the cake delivered at your doorstep.


  1. Red heart-shaped Jelly Cake
    This is a complete jelly cake decorated with  little white hearts all over. Truly, this is the most romantic cake on this list. If you’re planning an exclusive Valentine’s Day rendezvous with your partner, this cake is, hands down, the perfect cake for such occasion.

  2. Delightful Heart Black Forest Cake
    This is a heart-shaped black forest cake laden with the goodness of chocolate. This cake is decorated with chocolate shavings!
    Needless to say, this cake would be a wonderful gift to someone who loves the black forest flavour.  So if your partner is a black forest lover,  this cake would be a wonderful gift for him/her. Couple this cake with a bunch of red roses to show your affection towards them.

  3. Heart-shaped Rich Pineapple Cake  
    This is a yellow-coloured cake laden with the goodness of pineapples. Pineapple cakes have a cult following, if you want to wish Valentine’ s Day to someone who belongs to this cult, this would be a wonderful cake!

You can order all the above cakes on online cake stores. If you do, you will have the convenience of getting delivered at your step. If you want any of the above cakes to be delivered as a surprise to your partner or a loved one, you will have that privilege too.

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