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Want to impress your partner this Valentine’s Day? Try these seven cakes.

Valentine’s Day gives us jitters sometime, especially when it comes to buying a gift. Roses aren’t the only way to go and chocolates are so cliche. So what can you buy your partner this Valentine’s Day? Well, chocolates and cakes are a good idea and there’s no reason that they are going out of fashion anytime soon. How can you impress them with just that.  Well, the trick is to add a little twist to roses and chocolates that you gift.
Don’t worry you don’t have to work on this much.  All you have to do is find the perfect combo of flowers and chocolates. Why settle with just the classic Cadbury Silk or Bournville, make this Valentine’s  Day your partner’s most memorable with a reason. Here are seven ways that you make a perfect gift for your partner--

1.Roses and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate
This Valentine’s Day ditch the regular Cadbury Silk and Bournville. And don’t even think about Cadbury Celebrations, go with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate. This is one of the finest chocolates out there. Believe us, your partner wouldn’t only love you more, but appreciate you for being thoughtful.

2.Chocolate Oreo Cake
This is a delicious cake loaded with the goodness of scrumptious Oreos. If you have been following the rose -chocolate trend all these past years, Chocolate Oreo Cake would be a good change. We can assure you that your partner would be delighted.

3.Give Yellow, Pink and other roses
Giving red rose is a tradition. But you can make this tradition more cheerful. This year give your partner a bouquet of roses that includes red, yellow, pink and other beautiful roses.

If you don’t want the trouble of scouring florists in your neighbourhood, you can order beautiful roses at any online cake store. You will find good offers on bouquet of flowers and cakes. If you’re living in Delhi or other tier-3 city, you can get this delivered right at your doorstep. There are multiple online stores you can use of online cake and flower delivery in Delhi.

4.Go for lilies 

Lilies are beautiful. They come in excotic colours like Orange. If you want to give traditional rose-giving ritual a new makeover, go for lilies. You will find these exotic flowers at  any online florist . To make this  lily-giving gesture more romantic combine it with a delicious cake of your partner’s choice.  

5.Black Forest Cake
These are classic cakes that are made into gifts in the western countries. Well, add a little more western to the Valentine’s Day this year and gift your partner a black forest cake. If you’re partner is a chocolate lover, this cake would be an even better option, as it’s loaded with the goodness of chocolate.

6.Photo Cakes
Photo cakes have been quite popular lately. If you’re partner is the kind of person who loves personalized gifts, photo cakes would be a perfect gift for your partner. Customize your cake with a picture of you and your partner together or a simple picture with just your partner in it.
This should make your partner loved and more.
Photo cakes are available at most online cake stores. However, make sure that you order this cake a week in advance,as it takes time to make this cake.

7.Heart-shaped cakes
This should have been on the top of this list. But that’s okay. Heart-shaped cakes are perfect to express how much you love your partner. You can get a photo printed to make it more romantic or just keep it simple that to make it look utterly cute.

Heart-shaped cakes comes in variety of flavours-- butterscotch, black currant, black forest, white forest and more. So just take your pick. To make heart-shaped cake better, allow a bunch of red roses, orchids or lilies to accentuate its romantic appeal.

There you have them-- 7 cakes ( or gestures) that would impress your partner this Valentine’s Day. To keep this convenient, you can use the online cake delivery service offered by most online cake stores. If you’re planning a surprise gift, you can still use this service and get the gift delivered right at your partner’s doorstep!

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