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Wedding Reception in Delhi/NCR - How to Save on Your Wedding Cake

Marriages have become more costly these days particularly in cities like Delhi. You have to look at different ideas that cut down cost which will help you to plan your big day on a budget. Wedding cakes are major attractions and cheapening them will be a bad idea. Because cheap cakes will look and tastes bad which will be a major disappointment for your guests. But if you plan in the right way you can save money as well as you have delicious cakes for your wedding. Here is the list of tips that will help you to save budget on wedding cake:

Keep it simple:

The major costs for the cake involve in it takes time in completing intricate designs. So try to keep your cake simple like a naked cake or you can have a butter-iced cake that will help you to save money on big.

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Use the same caterer:

Hiring the same vendor for all your family functions will help you to negotiate the cost and you can get the quality cakes at affordable pricing.

Asking wait for staff to serve smaller slices:

Instruct your servers to serve small slices so that your guests will go back for more. In that way, you can reduce wasted cake sitting on the table.

Set a budget:

Look at your overall wedding budget and plan how much you can allocate for your wedding cake. Once you decide the budget for wedding cake then plan how much the size of a cake will cost you. Make sure that you are not exceeding the planned budget.

These tips will help you to keep your wedding cake budget under check.

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