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Wondering what to gift this Raksha Bandhan? Try these 4 cakes!

Buying a gift for Raksha Bandhan is always a mess, isn’t it?  If a boy buys an unlikable gift for his sister, boys have to bear their sister’s tantrums and taunts throughout the year. So how does one find the perfect gift for Rakhi save oneself from the melodrama?Cakes make a good option for every occasion as far as women are concerned. This article lists a few cakes that you might find working for you. So, shall we? Let’s dig in!

Gift option one:Chocolates are loved by women universally.Well that was pretty easy to guess, you might think, right? But we in no way are suggesting that you buy plain chocolates. However, chocolate cakes might do wonders. Let me tell you why. First, because it’s the least expected gift a girl would imagine in an Indian household. Obviously, there are religious reason to it. But to stay away from such blasphemous act make sure that you buy an eggless cake.  To make this more surprising, you can place an online cake delivery order.

Gift option two: The second gift that you can go for is scrumptious red velvet cake. No matter the age-- young, adult and old---women of all age groups dig red velvet cake alike. If you can’t find red velvet cake for some reason, the cupcakes would do equally wonderful. And, hands down, women can have cupcakes anytime of the day. If you’re in metropolitan city like Delhi, don’t forget to orderthis delicious cake from an ecommerce store since online cake delivery in Delhi is a popular service.

Gift option three: White forest cake is gold when it comes to cakes. You can find these cakes in all sizes half-kg, one kg and even more. If you’re sister loves white forest cakes, there couldn’t be a better cake than this. To make her happier, add a bouquet of orchids or lilies with this cake. In fact, we suggest that if you want take the brother-sister rivalry up a notch this yearbut make her happy at the end of the day by placing a cake & flowers midnight delivery order.

Gift option four: If you don’t know this fourth option, you surely aren’t aware of your sisters eating habits. Let’s break the suspense here, it’s the classic cheesecake.Cheese cake to women is what flowers are to bees. Quite inseparable. These cakes are available at most cafes. However, save yourself from scouring the city and order one from an ecommerce store by placing an online cake delivery.
So, did you like the gift options? We hope you did. Now go ahead and order one of these cakes to make your sister’s Raksha Bandhan merrier. Also, do not forget to try online cake delivery service. In case you forget, remember most ecommerce stores also offer cake & flower midnight delivery.These stores also offer same day cake delivery, in case you need extra gifts on Rakhi, you know who to call.
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Happy Rakhi!

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